Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Short Pajamas, 2014

Yep, we've got another Kickstarter campaign.

We've raised $17.5k for three short films, but we still need about $5k more.

Please help!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Wrote a Book...

So, I wrote a book, of sorts...

It's not really real.  Not really.  More of a thank you for the elite few who've believed in me from the get-go.  Believed in my talent.  Believed in my vision.  Stuck with me through the thickest and thinnest.  Never doubted.  Even when I gave them reason to doubt.

It's a small list, sadly.  Despite the many people I've met along the way... it's a painfully small list.  No ex-girlfriend is on it, to be sure, that's how small it is.

But I wrote a book, of sorts...

There are, at the time of this writing, only five copies of it on the planet.  Two are mine... one to read and one to share.  Two for my parents.  And one for my biggest supporter on the planet.

It's weird, seeing my name on a book.  Even thought it's not real.

But I hope to make my supporters proud.  Prouder still, as the years roll on.

We shall see.

(M)useless Proganda... 440 pages of whatever...

Until then, I'll let my pets be proud of me, because they're my one constant.  They rock, and they are my rocks.  How fitting.

Kay, Starbuck, and Sagremor... my loyal friends...