Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Road Trip Summary

From April 24 to May 21, I was on a massive road trip.

I'll go into detail soon (with photos), but I basically went from:
  • California to
  • Nevada to
  • Utah to
  • Wyoming to
  • South Dakota to
  • Minnesota to
  • Iowa to
  • Illinois to
  • Indiana to
  • Ohio to
  • Pennsylvania to
  • New York to
  • Massachusetts to
  • Rhode Island to
  • Connecticut to
  • Delaware to
  • Maryland to
  • Washington, DC, to
  • Virginia to
  • North Carolina to
  • Tennessee to
  • Arkansas to
  • Oklahoma to
  • Texas to
  • New Mexico to
  • Arizona to
  • Nevada to
  • California
Yeah, it was an ass-kicker.

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