Sunday, February 16, 2014

RoM 05: Voting


The river has stopped flowing!  It's time to get out of the water and vote on your favorite entries.

In order, vote for your Top 3 in the comments.   Remember, you must have submitted a Muse 1 AND a Muse 2 in order to be able to vote.

You have through the 24th of February to vote.  The winner will be announced on the 26th.


  1. Firstly Jeff, so glad you did this. I haven't done anything in the last 8 months and my effort wasn't great but it felt good to get back to putting words on a virtual page.
    1. Tom - totally engaging, incredibly silly, enviro message and well...just Tom
    2. Patti - incredible effort, a little long and expository but an enjoyable story, great characters and good old fashioned happy ending
    3. Jeffscape - a little disappointing in prose form but I know where it can go. Scripty (no surprises there) and as we've discussed an affordable film in the making. Little confused but you'll polish it.
    Honorable mention to Jayne for having a crack. I know she's crazy busy and loved the 2 pieces she put up.
    Siobhan. Don't stop. You have a gift. Use it.

  2. Hi! This was great, glad it came together, but wish more people would have participated. All of the full length entries were very good, and well written, but I'm voting in order of most satisfying endings.
    1- Patti. There wasn't as much intrigue as I expected, but Patti stuck the landing. And it was a feel good ending.
    2-Helen. Brilliant writing, sexy and creepy.
    3-Jeff. As always, the dialogue was great. I didn't understand everything, but that might be my fault.
    We should do this more often.
    Great paintings Jayne - wish there had been more. :)

  3. 1) Helen - it's not the best written, but it's the most complete narrative, 2) Tom - a return to form, sir... keep it up, 3) Patti - probably the best written, but the narrative needs more conflict!

    All in all, the bar was pretty high. Nice, everyone. Nice.

  4. All of the writes were happily different angles and it was great fun to read everyone.
    1- Helen - Stands out as the most filled out story, and taking on of challenging flash backs vs. real time was well-met.
    2. Tom - Love the style and complicated simpleness of your writing.
    Though I really liked Jeff's story and he is primo at weaving them .... I'm going with
    3. Patti - For her great used of muse.
    Thanks for letting me vote. Dissa for not being able to get it together further at this time....

  5. Thanks for running it, enjoyed it.