Friday, July 19, 2013

My Dog, Jax

I started writing this post back when I was an avid blogger.  Or, at least, a more frequent one.  I don't know why I wanted to write it other than I missed my dog.  Jax.  The guy I found trying to have sex with another stray dog whose chain leash was stuck to my truck tire.


A dog who would run away often, frustrating me to no end... but one who would always come home.

A dog who would babysit my friend's infant daughter, because he had a strange sense of responsibility when it came to toddlers.

A dog who would - when she and I fought - invariably take my ex-girlfriend's side in all things, right or wrong.

A dog whose loyalty and patriarchy of my menagerie led to a happy family of up to three dogs and up to seven cats.

A dog I'd only seen once since I moved back to California.

A dog who didn't forget who I was.

A dog I'll never forget.

I wish I could write more. I think I better go take a nap.

Goodbye, Jax. Love you forever.



  1. I knew you'd post. Sorry to hear of poor Jax' demise. A courageous way to go in the end. Love you much. Sounds like his sense of 'adventure' finally got him into real trouble.

  2. Heartbreaking news. I'm so sorry.