Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Dog" Well-Done

And that is that.

"Dog" is finished.  Post-production formally wrapped up shop and closed office early today, this fine Sunday, April 7th, 2013.

Sure, there's still some work to be done, but the film itself is finished.  Done.

It's been a ride.

Check out the IMDb page for "Dog."

If you've got the time, take a walk down blog-memory lane and reread the (surprisingly few) blog entries about making this crazy film.
So, what's next?  Well, I'll tell ya...
  • "Go Tell it on the Molehill" (short)
  • "Straight Heat" (short)
  • "Lights & Angels" (short)
  • The Animals (web series)
  • Pavement (feature)
I'll keep you posted, I'm sure.