Thursday, November 8, 2012

Imaginary Friend

So, I'm attempting to produce another short film.  At great expense to myself, my family, and my friends.

People are asking me... why the Hell am I doing this?  Why am I wasting time and money making short films when I should be spending time making money?

Short answer: Because I want to tell stories.  I've been telling stories my entire life, since before I could even read and write.  And since I could write, I've been writing the damned things down.  They live in me, grow in me, scream at me until I let them out.

And when I let them out... I let them go.  I let them live in the hearts and minds of those who read them, those who see them.

That may seem pretentious, but let me be the first to admit that I'm no artist.  I don't think I'm changing the world in any significant way.  At best, I'm entertaining a handful of people who (hopefully) will be kind enough to let me know if my writing is any good.  I tell and write stories for no other reason than to tell and write stories.  Sure, I'd like to make money doing it (which would solve the "spending time making money" conundrum), but whether or not I can pay my rent with these tales of people and places that may or may not exist, I'm going to tell these tales.

Point of fact is... I can't pay my f@#$ing rent.  And I don't care.  I've got an imaginary friend dying to reveal his antics to the world.  Make no mistake... I'm going to reveal them.

I hope you'll help me.

Watch the video below, then visit our Kickstarter directly at: "Imaginary Friend"

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  1. Doesn't anyone read this anymore? It's an awesome little short. Please support it.