Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Are... The Animals?

So, a friend came to me a little while ago and asked me to help him write a rip-off/parody of The Expendables.  Being a fan of crap like The Losers and The A-Team, I immediately agreed.

Fast forward to last weekend and, with a budget hovering right around $0.00... we made a short film.

It premieres tonight (October 24th) at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

True story.  Crazy shit.

Left to right: Le Fox, Wolf, Armadillo, Porcupine, Silverback, Bear, Giraffe
Click on the image for full-size. And check out the Short Pajamas Facebook page for more information.


  1. It is often the off-the-cuff, most spontaneous stuff that works the best. This sounds a bit of this was included in the recipe...
    Let me know when it hits the east coast. ;)

  2. That's great. You must be beside yourself with excitement. Let us know how it is received.

  3. cool. Looking forward to seeing Animals!