Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cinema Insomnia, Part 1

So... I've learned not to get too hammered at your business partner's film premiere. He may not like it. And when he's a former member of both the Iranian and Chinese national wushu (martial arts) teams... well... let's just say I wasn't going to win any physical altercations that may or may not have occurred.

I learned very quickly not to talk shit about his directing abilities...

Some of you might have seen our fundraising video for "Dog" on Kickstarter the other day... well... somebody kinda big saw it, asked for the script, read it, and asked for a meeting. Wish me luck.

Many of you like to bitch and moan about my methods regarding the creative writing process... I believe I said last time that, "As long as my methods are working, quit complaining." I am reiterating now for good measure.

It's cliché to point out that one should never give up on dreams. So I'll do you a favor and not point at you.

Am I being an arrogant prick? Yep. Deal with it. My friends do. And they know I'm always there for them. Even if I rub their faces in it. Arrogantly.

True story: I usually introduce myself as "an asshole" and "the most boring person you'll ever meet."

My favorite response to "What do you drive?" = "Public transportation."

Complain about me all you will... but when you can claim I'm not simply being bluntly honest, I'll already be dead... and you'll still be a hypocritical idiot.

Don't get mad at anything I write unless the shoe fits. And even if it does fit, what do you care? I'm an arrogant prick, remember?

Don't piss me off, either. I'll hire wushu champ to kick your ass. And, despite all the tough-guy rhetoric that's screaming through your brain right now... you're well aware he can kick your ass. And most of your friends' asses.

Actually... piss me off all you like. You'll find it's rather difficult. And I won't really give a shit. Only my close friends can piss me off effectively, and they've earned that right by putting up with my shit... that list includes... Orion, Pete, Andrew, Joe, Jessica, Helen, Pat, and Shahaub. And some family members... but blood is supposed to drive one crazy.

I love making movies.


  1. ha. you're an original...don't really care that you don't care what anyone thinks about you. Keep up the good work and have fun doing it. Lay off the merlot.

  2. Me, either... um, too... whatever.

  3. And when was the last time you caught a bus :P

  4. I'm thinking, I reckon I do not know these things about you because I do not know you well enough. I'm thinking that may be a good thing... ;)

  5. Anyone who can take public transportation in CA had better be able to kick ass or at least act arrogant enough to make everyone think so.

    But truly am wishing you lots of luck with your meeting.

    God bless.

    1. Haha! Don't blame me! I've been getting emails requesting (seriously!) my smart-assed-ness.

      Thanks for dropping by... how have you been, anyway?

    2. I am still trying to recover from my Mom's passing and get over this stinking bronchitis which this humidity out here is not helping. It was raining here a few days ago and I could see lightening in the sky which looked like it was out towards Palm Springs. 100+ days is so dang hot, hope you are cooler.

      Anyway I was hearing about how there are some ex-military who are saying they have won medals when they did not and that they might be allowed to do it due to "free speech". When I heard about this it just made me think of you and some of the things you have written. I think they should be ashamed of themselves for misrepresenting their years of service. I think as ex-military that it is a sad thing for all of us. It is funny in that I always feel that I have to clarify that I am a Vietnam-era Vet and not a Vietnam Vet in that I never actually fought in Vietnam, which most people do not know or care what the difference is. The thing is that I know the difference and that is all that matters and it is a matter of honor to me. Same goes for the hubby who was in for nine years. It pisses him off too and I know if my Uncle was alive he would be really upsets, especially since he received so many medals I think he could not even wear them all.

      Other than the heat and being pissed, I am okay. LOL

      God bless.

  6. Good LUCK! Wishing you great success.

    Public transportation? No more truck? Hmmm. Guessing this is your answer to women who want to know what you do and next what you drive :). As a woman, the first question is always asked. The second... never.