Monday, July 2, 2012

Art Among Egos: A List

It's been a weird year...

Whiny, hypocritical bitches (non-gender specific) make me laugh. And I've been laughing A LOT these days.

I once said "the rock star poets are all dead." I lied... Buy this chap book: Slow Dance with Sasquatch. Dude's amazing. And, no, that's not vanity-published... it's legit. He's being paid to tour the country. As you realize how much better he is than any of us are, ask yourself, How's that blog poetry working out for ya?

Don't tell me "you will." Fucking tell me "you did."

Remember that 1099 you got in the mail for that thing you wrote that you sold? Awesome feeling, wasn't it?

If you want to be one of the bosses, don't sit around waiting for the rest of us to tell you to do something.

I used to refuse to date actors... felt they were all fake... but given the relative fakeness of "normal" people, and the fact that actors are worse liars than "normal" people (for real), I no longer have this arbitrary rule.

You can, with all due respect, take your god and do whatever the fuck you want to do with him, her, it, them. Once you're no longer a whiny, hypocritical bitch, I might start acknowledging the potential validity of your rhetoric. Until then, however... I shall wear earplugs.

Pats on the back have not, to my knowledge, managed to pay anyone's bills.

A fanboy telling me he likes my work is like a homeless man telling me he likes my house.

Show me - don't tell me - what you can do before we start our journey. And damn sure don't try to tell me what you will eventually do. Tomorrow's only important insofar as we'll get there... provided we get shit done today.

As long as my methods are working, quit complaining.

Envy suits you. But you're still just as ugly.

Writer's write. And write. And write. And rewrite. And edit. And write. Wannabes skip the third and fourth things.

How can one worry about producing or publishing when one doesn't fucking do anything? When's the last time you submitted formally? Oh, you haven't? Then shut the fuck up. This shit is hard. Deal with it or find something else to do.

Failure should breed a desire to succeed. If it doesn't... find something else to do.

Don't blame anyone but yourself if someone is better than you are. Improve. That is all.

Never forget the vanity of your friends and enemies...

I'm gonna go laugh some more.

It's been a weird year.


  1. Ah, my favorite of your styles. This is your best "Dorothy Parker." It's good to see you haven't lost your nasty edge.