Friday, June 1, 2012

Starbuck, Movie Star

So, my dog's going to be in a movie. Not like that's news, though, since he's been in two movies already (although his scenes were cut from one).

I saw some of the concept art awhile back... loving it.

Starbuck bored.
Starbuck taking his man for a walk.
Starbuck confused.
Starbuck screwed.
Starbuck with his personal assistant, Sagremor.


  1. oh man, you need promo milk cartons

    the story boards are kewl

  2. Something's killing your grass

    1. Xatfinium rat weasels from the external collection of the Earl of Sandwich's outer realm

  3. Really? I thought it might be Leaf Spot and Melting Out, Fusarium Blight, Necrotic Ring Spot, Rhizoctonia, Yellow Patch, Summer Patch, Sclerotinia Dollar Spot,Rhizoctonia Blight or doggy star pee?


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