Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tenth Daughters of Memory, 2011: Volume 2

So, another six months, another round of short story entries for The Tenth Daughter of Memory. This will probably be the last time I link any of my creative writing from Irreverent Irrelevance, but for the sake of 2011 symmetry, here you go.

Happy to say that "Fig Leaves," "When These Angels Want You Dead," and "Effect" won their respective Muses, and "Walls Have Ears, Calendars Have Eyes" finished as a first runner-up.

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  1. All worthy darling boy.. Come over punters and check out the OTHER entries because there are a few of us who play. All welcome and if you have BALLS, River of Mnemosyne Challenge begins soon....can you cut it? Please do because Jeffscape wants to win this one SO BAD! Sorry for the spruiking on your blog darling but....the more the merrier.