Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weight Loss

Okay, so I've lost a bit of weight lately... but it's not what you think. I am now short an organ (and apparently suffering from low potassium), and since people have been wondering if I'm alive (yes, but for how long remains to be seen... hehehe), I figured I'd share some photos from my recent stay at a wonderful hotel, highlighted by images of early Christmas presents.

Anyhoo... after a pretty bad run of pain for two days, I decided to check in to a hospital. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I was told I needed to go into surgery. Fun, fun.

My new television

Apparently, In addition to surgery, I was told I was suffering from a potassium deficiency, and so the lovely nurses (actually, two of them sucked... but the rest were cool) pumped me full of three bags of the stuff (the little IV bag above is potassium). In case anyone doesn't know, potassium hurts like Hell when given intravenously.

My new canteen

Got some cool scars out of the deal... one of them is from the tube this little device left in my abdomen. It's called a Jackson-Pratt drain. They wouldn't let me keep it.

My new bluetooth

Three IV entry points on my poor arms. One on the right (for the antibiotics) and two on the left (including one in my biceps).

My publicist/producer giving birth to Starbuck

The hospital released me into the care of my friends, Pat and Tara, who took me home, at which point we discovered my house was a disaster (thanks to an irresponsible neighbor who left my dog locked in my friggin' bedroom). Between that and the fact that I was on drugs, Tara refused to let me stay there, and so took me to her house and nursed me for three days. On the ride there, Starbuck was somehow born again.

Anyway, I'm sure I bored everyone who read this. I'm gonna pop a vicodin and get some sleep.


  1. Good luck with your recovery, hope it's fast! What organ did you lose?

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  4. Hmmm.... that drain's pretty gross...poor punctured poppet, you're gonna look like you're riddled with bullet holes when they remove your dressings. Good to see you up and about though. Speedy recovery and eat plenty of bananas :*

  5. Awww. I'm sorry. Sounds like a rough go. Hope you heal well, and hold back a couple Vicodin for me would ya?

  6. Haha the rebirth of Starbuck is hilarious! Hope you're feeling dandier.

  7. Uggh...I hate IVs for some reason...