Friday, October 28, 2011


Got news for you. You don't know shit, and neither do I. Everything you've learned is worth forgetting. Everything you've forgotten is worth relearning, as long as it feels new. Friends close and enemies closer doesn't always work; sometimes your enemies stab you too quickly. The best ones don't even wait for you to turn your back, and I'm talking about your friends. Rejoice, shake hands, give a few hugs, cop a feel or two and hope she doesn't call the cops. The twinkle in your eyes is a smile, it's just hard to see in the dark. Then again, everything's hard to see in the dark. So laugh. Make yourself heard when all others are blind. They'll blink first, trust me. You really think those you left by the wayside are better off than you? Maybe they are, but why do you care? They're gone for a reason. Good riddance. Rid yourself of the negativity in your life. If those negativities happen to be people, then say your goodbyes. The world's a big place. Travel it. Never settle. There's always something bigger and better, and all you can take with you are your experiences. Never believe someone who says all they want is to be happy, because they don't know the meaning of the word. All they can see is a wall, a fence, and wonder naively what's on the other side. You ever seen someone who's climbed a fence? They're just as disappointed as they were yesterday. Tomorrow is all that's important, because that's what you'll accomplish. Sure, what you've done has cleared the way, but clarity is only important when there's nothing left to see. And there's always something new, something borrowed, something blue. Like the skies, plural, and the oceans. They're the limits, and they're limitless. Why limit yourself? Be the world around you. Eat, drink, and sleep the world around you. It's not going anywhere, no matter how bad some idiot claims things to be. Life can only be as great as it is shit, otherwise no one would know the difference. Don't worry about what time it is, just know that time is passing. Fuck a watch. All it does is leave an uneven tan line. The Sun loves all of you. Let yourself shine.


  1. I know this mental neighborhood, been around the block, been in queue.
    Ah -but, you had me until you said 'trust me', I never believe anyone who says that.

    fingers flying ... don't worry about WHAT time it is. Or, what time is.

  2. Sad if someone felt like this. I'd probably kill myself, if I weren't already dead. It'd just be redundant.