Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Victory for an Aussie Breakfast

Since this past April, I've been developing a writing exercise to help aspiring writers. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't believe in the bullshit of "writer's block," and part of the intent of this exercise is to help prove that writer's block does not exist. Basically, I wanted to shove that proof down the throats of creative writers who keep trying to hide behind that arbitrary, self-inflicted, totally craptacular notion.

And, what can I say, it's worked. I haven't formally asked any of the participants in the exercise yet, but I'm certain they will now agree that there's no such thing as writer's block, if they didn't already.

Anyway, the exercise is called "Aussie breakfast writing," so-named because the first piece written using the method was titled An Australian Breakfast (believe me, I wanted to call the method something else, but the name sorta stuck...). The exercise itself is nothing special, but I'm not going to discuss how it works as of yet, since I'm still testing it out with writers and am in the process of analyzing and comparing the works they've created.

Which brings us to the question: Why the Hell am I mentioning it?

Well, I admit, I was going to wait before I wrote about Aussie breakfasts, but something pretty friggin' awesome happened this past week...

One of them got published.

Yes, that's right... an Aussie breakfast piece, "Fakie," written by a university student in New Zealand, got picked up in a magazine that sent out a call for creative writing for one of their September issues. What's amazing is that the writer (check out her blog here) has no formal creative writing training, and beat out several entries written by people who do.

Now's probably the time I should mention that another goal of Aussie breakfast writing is to obviate creative writing courses... cough, cough.

I guess we're on our way.


  1. It's a good technique, you're a fine mentor and certainly cures 'block' but credit where credit's due, she's a good little writer when she takes her time. Very pleased for her.

  2. Awesome for the writer! I've only published 2 things (well, one but I'm counting the letter to the New Yorker editor because everyone was impressed) and the feeling is amazing. I'm going to check out her blog. Are you going to tell us the technique? Or market it? : )

  3. Good deal. Congrats to Siobhan. Nice to see it pay off, huh?

  4. I think that getting published is 99% getting your material into the right hands. There will always be one person out there who thinks your stuff is good...the hard part is finding that one person. After all, "Must Love Dogs" was published and it actually became a movie. LOL

  5. hello you.

    mmmm...you mean i don't have an excuse?