Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Squirrel! And Cats!

Some of you (the three of you who bother to come here) might remember me raving about an adopted squirrel a couple of months ago. Well... there's been some... er... developments on the little bugger's life.

And, well... I sort of recorded the... er... Let's just say I'm a fan of the nature videographer's ethic that one shouldn't interfere in the chaos of nature.

The dark cat on the left is Sagremor. The white cat on the right (the killer) is Kay. Apparently, they're like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park.

Here comes the carnage...

All right, all right. Nothing happened. Except for Sagremor literally lying down a few moments later and going to sleep. I did have to chase Kay away... he was getting a little too curious.

At any rate, about a month after those videos were taken, I went outside to feed the squirrel and was welcomed with a bit of a surprise.

I have to point out that the voice-over is wrong... we actually had met both squirrels. In fact, upon remembering the day I pointed out he was getting fat, it dawned on us... we'd been feeding the wrong squirrel. The revelation of which also solved the mystery as to why our baby squirrel was so schizophrenic (the newer squirrel is rather aggressive and has bit me twice).

And to top it off, we realized that our previous disagreements as to whether it was a boy or a girl were moot. Fatso is a boy. The original one is a girl. She's a sweetheart.

Now we're just afraid they're going to mate, and we're going to wind up the godparents of an entire squirrel colony.

Ah, well... it could be worse.


  1. ha. just think of all the fun you could have with a squirrel colony though

  2. for sure, if they had hydrophobia. If you start foaming at the mouth, take pictures for our viewing pleasure, please

  3. Hey, don't I make four?

    Everyone needs a bit of practice with maternal instincts, I guess. -J

  4. Do squirrels get rabies? I hope the one who bit you doesn't catch it. Mom should really tell the little guy to be careful what he puts in his mouth...

    P.S. And look, there are four of us here, and I think I see #5 in the wings.

  5. I haven't been here in a long time, but I'm thinking that needs to be remedied.

    I'm a cat person and a squirrel person and that "carnage" footage has me roflmao!

    (Incidentally, I have a feline currently locked up in the adjacent bedroom because his whining for food is about to drive me to drink! Or chocolate.)


  6. well, of course the girl is a sweetheart! :)

  7. Do me a favour, capture that killer cat (Kay) put her in a box and ship her over here : I have work for her.

  8. Big softie. I see that feeding cockatoos and ponies has taught you to hold your hand flat when dealing with wildlife. Very cute.

  9. I want a squirrel colony!!!!!!!!