Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Ready... and Other Ramblings

Yeah, so... considering leaving Los Angeles a bit earlier than I had planned (four years was my intended limit). No specific reason... just seems right. We'll see what the next few weeks bring. Probably nothing. I have a strange way of being apathetic to what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow.

Helped out on a short Western last weekend. First time on a horse in years. Felt good. Had a blast. I'll get some videos up soon.

Life is strange, yeah? Life's brought me five or six friends who I know - without an ounce of doubt - will help me in fucked up situations no matter what. Ironically, the only person who's ever actually told me they'll "help no matter what" is not one of them.

Trust actions, not words.

Found a memorial site on the Internet for combat engineers in the Army. Sucks, how many of them I know. Or knew, rather. Not sure which tense is appropriate.

A lot of people are predicting the end of the world, and for various reasons. Is it really worth being that miserable? World's not going anywhere... not for a very long time. I seem to recall a cult that formed about 2000 years ago... they predicted the end of the world back then. Whoops. Just accept that the stars aren't trying to tell us anything. Numbers aren't signs. Nor are cards. Or tea leaves. Or folds of skin in palms. Or pieces of paper in cookies.

Don't jump to conclusions... I am neither down in the dumps nor pissed off. On the contrary, just watched a rough cut of a short film I worked on and am enjoying a quiet evening with my dog and two cats.

Nothing is so valuable as loyalty.

Hypocrites are the worst criminals. People who settle are hypocrites. Dream or don't. Don't lie to yourself about it. I may fail, but I'll never settle.

Re: figuring it all out - What's the fucking rush?

R. Fernandez: survived a war, then died of a freak accident at his birthday party. WTF?

Saw someone last Saturday that I hadn't seen in six years. Kinda weird. Even though I've been no one important in her life, she stood there for five minutes with her jaw to the floor. Guess she didn't get the memo...

Life is strange, yeah?

Song lyric of the month: "It'll take you 'round and 'round; sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down... It's just a ride." - Jem

Aight... gotta finish getting ready. For what, I have no idea. Wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Well if you're not down in the dumps posting a depressing song like that has certainly done it for me.

  2. you're a nomad, dude.
    keep it real!

  3. John Lennon said it best. I hope I get to see it.

    Five or six, no matter what. Lucky guy.

  4. "...many of them I know. Or knew, rather. Not sure which tense is appropriate."

    I don't think we unknow. True loyalty is rare. An unbreachable thing. A constant. I don't take it lightly. I cultivate it.

    Well my gypsy friend... I tried to be Butch Cassidy. I couldn't shoot the bullets.

    ♫I tried to be
    Butch Cassidy,
    But i couldnt should shoot the bullets
    I couldnt take the pain.
    I had the chance to ride with sundance,
    But i couldnt bare the thought of you alone, so im coming home.♫

  5. Kudos. 'Five or six friends who I know - without an ounce of doubt' – is quite an accomplishment.
    Certainly, Changing life plans every five minutes is really the only way to roll. -J