Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 7

Aight, folks... this'll be the last glimpse of my Aussie vacation. It was an awesome three weeks... most relaxed country I've ever been to. In fact, I've added it to my list of places to retire (along with San Diego and Greece... although Greece seems a bit, er, volatile at the moment).

Melbourne, The Return

Went back to Melbourne to check out the Old Melbourne Gaol, which is where they hanged the infamous Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly. Also attended a reenactment of Ned Kelly's (unfair) trial... at which I was somehow recruited into playing one of the witnesses (Sgt. Steele). They wouldn't let me keep the hat.

 More awesome Melbourne peeps. That's Helen's niece, Rebecca.

 Traffic signals for Melbourne's infamous "hook turns." See the hooking right arrow? Yeah... in order to turn right, you have to get in the LEFT lane. Fun times. I did one... after I made Helen do one. She almost cried.

 Swan Hill, Jindebyne, and Canberra

 Pioneer museum in Swan Hill, Australia. This goat was tied up and couldn't reach the tall grass, so I fed him for a few minutes.

 Near Jindebyne (awesome town)... Mt. Kosciuszko... the tallest mountain in Australia. Actually, wait... no, that's just me shaking my hair around in front of Mt. Kosciuszko.

At the Australian Museum in Australia's capital (Canberra), there was an exhibit that had all four of the Ned Kelly gang's suits of armor (which is what I was hoping to see in Melbourne). No photography allowed at the exhibit... but we got plenty.

The Plan to Re-Invade...

Am I going back? Does a kangaroo fuck in the woods? Shityeah, I'm going back... 2013... taking a month or two to drive the perimeter of the entire continent on a motorcycle. And making a quick hop to New Zealand.

My riding partner and fellow re-invasion planner.

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    1. Just read the entire series - although I knew the main outline of the plot by reading Baino's. Glad to see that you had a good time - and glad to have you blogging again.

    2. Awww . . I miss you. And the goat is fine. As for your 'partner' have to check with 'She indoors' first. I got the jacket, I got the jacket, I got the JACKET . .. w00t!!! @ Alan sorry postcards are coming. Just a bit hard getting to the post office!

    3. Do those infamous hooking turns happen while the folk in the right travel lane are either stopped or making their own left turns?

      Sounds kind of easy-peasy compared to the rotaries in England where there are five interlocking rotaries, three lanes each. Thought I would be caught in one forever like Charlie on the MTA.

      Bet the reenactment was fun, and played (so to speak) right into your sense of the dramatic.

    4. You didn't get to keep the hat!? That stinks. Isn't Rebecca SO cute! And the hook turn...WOT?

    5. Sorry, Greece is not big enough for the both of us. -J

    6. Seriously, the goat is fine. Quit worrying.

    7. Roast goat is good. If you've been to Greece. ... Great pics.

    8. Heh looking at this again tonight. Bec thinks you look awesome in a silly hat!