Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 6

Or... "Just Me and Some Australian Nature"

Yeah, that's a better title.

Anyway, there will be one more Aussie trip post after this (followed by some Aussie irreverence posts)... this one is primarily just some cool animals and some kick-ass scenery.

The Great Ocean Road (and some nearby places)

Couldn't help myself. Two flies were having sex on the rental car. Kodak moment.

On the Great Ocean Road... a place called the Twelve Apostles, which were twelve spires (some of which have fallen) that jutted out from the beach cliffs. No... I am not pissing off the ledge.

Spotted a hungry fox on the way to the Loch Ard wreck site. Tried to feed him, but had no food.

A cove near the Loch Ard wreck site. Awesome place.

On the way back to our cabin at Aireys Inlet, saw this guy on the side of the road. Picture doesn't show it well, but I hopped out of the car and got extremely close to it. Wallaby? I have no idea.

Cockatoos the following morning at Aireys Inlet. The one eating out of my hand was cool... the one to the left of that one bit my finger and drew blood. But I fed it anyway.

More to come...


  1. I wonder why we had no food? I guess foxes don't like jelly snakes, nut bars and Dunkaroos . . or perhaps you just weren't sharin'

  2. The cove looks wonderful.

    From Helen's comment, sounds like you found an Aussie version of Dunkin Donuts...

  3. Before you cut your hair, will you ask the barber to put in up in a Samurai topknot? ... and prove it with a pic. -J

  4. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.