Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 4

Yeah, so, I'm back in the United States now, getting ready for about a year of work before I take off for Italy and Croatia in late spring of 2012 (you reading this Mike? I'm coming!). And what better way to do all of that than to take a gander through all of the photos taken of my trip to Australia.

A trip, by the way, in which I was supposed to get a haircut (hence the title of this series of posts) but ultimately did not. Which means I still have my hair. Which means that if anyone feels like coming over to braid my hair to kill an hour or so, by all means... come over.

Anyway... here's more self-indulgent photos with informative and irreverent captions concerning whatever the Hell it was I was doing at the time of the photo. Or something like that.

The Haunted Quarantine Station - Manly Beach, Australia

Oh, shityeah... Helen and I spent the night at a haunted quarantine station in order to do a ghost tour. She was scared shitless (supposedly because of the dark), but I... well...

My first experience with Australian wildlife: a possum. While eating dinner at an outdoor cafe, this dude shows up, climbs up my leg, then steals a bread roll and runs away. I was like, "Dude, I'd have given it to you!"

At this point in the ghost tour, the guide tells a story of women who've claimed that a ghost of a Chinaman grabbed their ankles from under this building. So I hopped down to take a look. Nothing.

Disappointed, I crawled under the building with Helen's camera. What did I see that scared the shit out of me? Absolutely nothing.

This is a picture from carbolic acid showers used to disinfect those quarantined. After the rest of the tour group went home, I asked the guide to lock me in the showers with the lights off. What did I see? Showers. And a dark hallway.

Again, after the tour group went home, Helen and I checked out the Chinaman's haunting grounds again. I figured I could piss him off by taking a piss in his toilet. Didn't work. Yes, that's my urine. Not sure what the red shit is. Probably red shit.

The Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia

The following weekend, we went to a concert at the famed Opera House. Supposedly, the architecture resembles seashells. Don't ask what I said they look like.

Getting snotted before the show. Or not.

More to come...


  1. I aint afraid of no ghosts . . but yes. The blackness in that toilet was unbearable. Sorry about your belt.

  2. Oh, I'm not even going to ask what happened to the belt...