Friday, May 27, 2011

Flag Musings

So... what's up?

Trying to brush up on my German again.

Not going to say why I'm learning German (again). But here's a decent German hit for you to listen to while I ramble on about plans for the future:

So... back from Australia. Still owe everyone some irreverent analysis of the country/continent/island (pick one, but not two).

I'll get to those irreverent analyses eventually. But first, what's next?

Well... in Spring of 2012, two of my former Army roommates (Joe and Mike) and I are heading to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia for a few weeks. Well, Joe and I are heading there. Mike already lives in Italy. Joining us is a "civilian" buddy, Johnny O (who conveniently speaks Croatian).

After that, it's a return to Japan and Korea in November, to visit family, friends, and document a pretty awesome military ceremony. Also, I'm trying to beat the Mayan doomsday scheduled the following month.

But first! (Wait, I said that already) (Screw it... I'll say it again) (Or write it again, rather) But first, an engineering buddy and I are planning on driving from Los Angeles, all the way through Mexico, and into Belize. Still working out the logistics of that one, so wish me luck.

Oh, and in 2013, I'll be returning to Australia for a couple of months. Adam and I want to drive the entire rim of the country. On motorcycles. Shit yeah. Of course, that's after I hop over to New Zealand for a week or so.

To my friends in the UK and Spain who have invited me to visit, I'm working on it. It shall most certainly happen. Just looking for the right excuse... er... expense account... er... expeditionary force... er... excuse. Yeah... excuse.

And just to wrap things up...

Feel free to come along on any (or all) of these.

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  1. You find yourself a "sugar mama" somewhere?

  2. Safe travels. Very jealous though as I would love to travel. It's funny, I love to travel but flying always freaks me out.

  3. Hot tips for couch surfer hosts: He likes bacon and eggs for breakfast, is a slow starter, takes too long in the shower and doesn't wash up. (But he's very charming, tidy and clean)

  4. Hmmm. I suck at language (among my many other flailings). Took German for three years (well...cuz I flunked the first year). Thought my grandpa (German) could help me with the homework, so I picked what I discovered was a language I couldn't stand the sound of. (Sing to me in Spanish or Italian please...)

    Anyway...three years of German and I can say three uber important phrases:

    Wo ist die Toilette?
    Meine jacke ist blau.
    Wo ist Monika? Im Boot mit Helmutz.

    Oh...and to keep up with the irreverent implied theme in your blog title, I can say scheisse, and dumm kopf :)

    Guten Tag Jeff!!!!

  5. Can we take side trips from the main travel?
    Do we all get to sign on to your expense account?
    Finally, would be okay to travel along as a deaf/mute, as to not have to communicate with anyone?

    'Making the world smaller since the day he was born.'- That's so darn cute! -J

  6. p.s. I'm thinking no one will excused from the Mayan version of the apocalypse thing, no matter where you are, sense it's been on the schedule for such a long time. -J

  7. Teach me German! I wish I was travelling the world.

  8. i still havent made it off the continent. it's too scary out there.