Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Be Dead

Last week, bitch. Hiding in plain sight isn't as smart when that's where we're looking, punkass, is it? Should've kept your cockhole in China.

How come all the cool shit happens when I'm not at home? Gah. Well, at least now I can cut my hair.

Word up to the ground forces who took him out. And to the intel boys who got the boots there. Hoo-ah.

If you blink, you're too late... Blink; Whisper

That's all I got.


  1. Oh dear, who are we going to scare the populace with now - we need a new bogieman.

  2. He's been 'dead' for six years (see I do listen to you!)

  3. Wonder how he's finding it, being surrounded by all those virgins and all...

  4. I found the entire operation to be so impressive (what I know about it anyway) and I can't imagine what those navy seals felt when told, "We're landing inside this compound and the target is Osama Bin Laden."