Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best of Museless Propaganda

Someone recently asked me where my fiction went. Well, to answer that question (again), it went to one of two places: Panoramic Mindscapes, accessible only via invitation (readers there are expected to give honest and brutal critiques... or they get deleted), and Museless Propaganda, which is where I put all of my Tenth Daughter of Memory entries.

Why'd I do this? Well, to be honest (and in case you haven't noticed), I'm a little tired of blogging. I am not, however, tired of putting pen to paper (so to speak), which is why those other places exist.

Anyhoo, for those who may still not be familiar, I'm posting my top vote-getters from each 10thDoM Muse from late January to late April (none of them won, by the way).

And, to answer another question, no, I won't be replacing the follower widgets anytime soon.

"They and Their Men" - for the Muse, The Map Says We're Fucked
The black man was, by any stretch of his imagination, the last person he'd think to see walk in through the front door. As he does every Thursday, he was eating breakfast at the diner on the corner of Coldwater Canyon and Ventura. He liked watching traffic at this intersection - no one knew why - and typically it was warm enough that he could eat... Read More

"Gold, Seas, and Blood" - for the Muse, Five Soldiers, Four Whores, Three Lovers & Two Killers
Her toes curl and her back arches. It's hot today, record temperatures for October, but that's not why she's sweating. Not the only reason, anyway. It's not often a trick brings her to orgasm. Thing is, she's in love with this one. Has been for a long time. Soledad Beltrán knows she shouldn't be, for there's little chance her feelings will be... Read More

"Flash" - for the Muse, Give a Hand to the Future
Many like to point out the inherent irony of the term "civilization." Many who do so claim to abhor the multitude states of conflict found among the human race. Many of those also like to claim people should revert to living as naturally as possible. They fail to point the inherent irony in that. Find one species on Earth that doesn't live in a perpetual state... Read More

"An Australian Breakfast" - for the Muse, From Hell to Breakfast
The sun was shining, but it wasn't a good day. A group of ravenous magpies were tearing the shit out of some poor rodent's carcass. My wife - God bless her - was still asleep on the sofa, snoring her ass off like she always did after a night of too much drinking. It must've been a great night, too, because one of our dining room chairs was currently... Read More

"Virginia Has Lost Her Cat" - for the Muse, A Cat Can Look at a King
Princess Virginia was a beautiful young woman in the Land of Donhe. Hopeful princes and lonely kings across the continent wanted to make her a wife, but she was bored by all of them. As far as she was concerned, they had nothing to offer. She didn't want land, nor power, nor riches. She wanted adventure... Read More


  1. Aww it's gratuitous plug night. Just gave 10th Daughter a bash on mine. Well most were worthy except that bloody Virginia and her Cat! Gawd! Then most of your excellent stuff remains waiting to be formatted, edited and published (nag nag nag). Get on it Jeffro, I want to be mentioned in your Pulitzer speech!

  2. Read Gold Seas and Blood (loved it!), but time does not allow for more! Tired of blogging? Ack! I've just found you. Ya know it is always the way. I find a restaurant - it closes. I like a bar - it closes. In order to keep you on-line, I better leave :)