Saturday, April 9, 2011


A while back I waxed poetic (and perhaps alcoholic) about writing to music, and I've been asked by a handful what I've written to music. Truth is, most of the fiction I write is likely written to some form of music at one point or another, but given the thesis of the earlier "Song-Writing" piece, I figure I'll share what I've written using the method I touted there.

Oddly enough, some of these "song-writings" were written listening to music I don't normally listen to. And it's fairly to easy to tell that I go through phases of what I do listen to. In the case of Star Fall, the song is so ingrained into the story that it's in the story itself.

Just goes to show... imagination really does get pulled out of hats and asses.

The Song-Written:


  1. Not for me, I might get inspired but I can't focus with music for some reason. Although I like some of the stuff you've introduced me too. Wish we had Pandora down here.

  2. Hey,I MUST be really tired, because I saw this list and thought you where telling us you ghosted on all of these...
    Not convinced that imagination comes out of H & A, but it comes from somewhere & yours is as good an argument as any.