Saturday, April 2, 2011

River of Mnemosyne, 2011

So, the Second Annual River of Mnemosyne Challenge came and went, and it grew a bit from the previous year. I didn't win like last year, but I placed a respectable 2nd (losing to a worthy competitor) and wound up with an "accidental novel."

The portions below are what were submitted for the challenge (roughly 30k) words. There's another 37k words or so floating around the Internet, and you can read those if you're a member of Panoramic Mindscapes.

The Horizon Axis

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  1. Thank you my darling. I only won because mine was shorter. If you don't try to publish this, I'm coming over and extracting every pubic hair singally with the help of a 2 metre Gippsland worm and a pair of tweezers. MWAH