Friday, April 15, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 3

A few things I've learned in Australia (so far):

Australian cigarettes kinda suck. Not because they're bad, but because they're essentially American cigarettes.

But their waterfalls are kinda cool. This one's at a place called Govett's Leap.

The weather makes my scalp itch. Okay, okay... the photographers make my scalp itch.

Australia is the home of the largest Japanese Gardens in the Southern Hemisphere. This is from a lookout called "Symbolic Mountain." Because, you know, that rock supposedly looks like Mt. Fuji.

And said Japanese Garden has a waterfall.

And fishes. Because "fishes" is an acceptable plural form of "fish." It said so on the sign.

I was asked to photograph these mushrooms. I'm thinking Helen was hungry.

Japanese invasion money. Apparently, the Japanese intended on replacing native currencies with their own. In several languages. There's money for places they never even got around to invading.

Were I not driving, this would be a MUCH better photo of a kangaroo/wombat crossing traffic warning sign. But I was driving. On the wrong side of the road. Which is the right side of the road for upside-down people.

My first meat pie. Not bad. But don't be surprised if I never have another. I had this in a small town called Carcoar. Population: 385. Historic claim to fame: Australia's first daylight bank robbery.

Store-bought kangaroo meat.

Me. With my storytelling rudely interrupted by a photographer attempting not to be noticed.

Prawns (top left), kangaroo (center), beef (bottom right).

Kangaroo meat is friggin' awesome. Shit. Yeah.

Lily's gums were itchy.


  1. Show the paparazzi that finger one more time and she'll fucking cut it off!

  2. Those Japanese gardens look amazing. It's strange to see photos of you! Not gonna lie, very glad you've finally made it there, if only for a little while.

  3. Never did like Kangaroo meat but the best sushi I ever ate was in Austraila (I've never been to Japan). Love the Japanese garden photos. As for the cigarettes, when I was in Ireland, I loved the Marlboros there but couldn't stand them when I traveled on the continent. Weird. Enjoy the trip (but it sounds like you already are).

  4. I love the Japanese Gardens. Never have had kangaroo meat, but I'm imagining something pretty gamey. And for heaven's sake (oh, wait, it would be for your sake!), lose the cigarettes.

  5. Dead meat never photos well. Is the "OFF" used as a tenderizer?

  6. Lots of itching going on here. ha.

    So, does kangaroo taste like chicken?