Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 2

My hair has survived another day, but only because I wanted to let some of Australia's native fauna play with it (that's not innuendo, folks).

Helen took me to Featherdale Wildlife Park during the day, where I got to see kangaroos, wallabies, dingos, koalas, skinks, Tasmanian Devils (well, one of them), and a kick-ass bird called a Tawny Frogmouth (which looks like a bad Hollywood special effect... seriously). Basically, the day at the park was me trying to get a wallaby to attack me, to no avail. Even the threat of eating one of their larger cousins did nothing to spring them into a frenzied action.

At night, Helen, Adam, Alex and I went to a comedy show featuring (egad) four Americans, a Canadian (who, ironically, lives in my neighborhood back in the US), and two Aussies. Two of the Americans and one of the Aussies were gut-busters (Tony Woods, in particular), but every act was entertaining (save the second American, who sucked balls... I'll remember his name at some point and post a warning).

Right before I said "I'll eat your face, motherfucker!" And to no response.

Climb. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Why does no one worship these things as gods??? I'll be the first.

Frogmouths don't like my hair, either.

Tasmanian Devil. Poor guy was running around in circles. I agree: loud children are scary.

My nephew wanted to see a skink... so here's a skink.


  1. ... but a wig-maker would love it. -J

  2. I agree with Jayne. Save that hair in a baggie (they do have baggies down under, don't they?) and bring it home to Locks of Love.

    I'm glad Helen took you to a zoo. Zoos are one of my two favorite things to do in a foreign land.

  3. I went to 2 zoos in Austraila (years ago) and loved them both. You can get so closer to the animals there. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

  4. Pantene Beautiful Lengths... Again. You better, or I'll eat your face, motherfucker.

    Btw, LoL sells, not gives, most of their wigs. All PBL wigs are given free.

  5. LoL also provides wigs to children who need them without charge. I've known two personally who received a LoL wig totally free. And unlike Pantene, all LoL wigs go to children. Even though my daughter was an adult when she was fighting cancer, I like that LoL helps children. But it doesn't really matter. Donating your hair to any charity that provides wigs to patients needing them is a good thing.

  6. Don't worry we do baggies, just not donations. JKG how could you eat one of those?

  7. So I am wondering about the Vegemite sandwiches...any good?

  8. That lizard is way too big to be a skink. Looks more like a sleepy lizard.

  9. Hi, it's nice to finally meet you. I'm one of Helen's many 'followers'. And I agree with you: if only we would all worship 'luiaards' (that's what we call them in the Netherlands). It could make the world a better place ;-) (Oh, and I like your hair.)