Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leave Your Hair at Customs, Part 1

My hair's pretty long. Rather ridiculously long, to be honest. Also to be honest, I kinda like it long. But it's gotta go.

I'm sick of cleaning out my shower drain every three days or so. I'm sick of having to buy proper "product" to make my hair look decent (although I've learned a shortcut or two...). In fact, the only thing I'll truly and properly miss is the strange willingness of women to braid my hair when there's nothing else to do.

Anyway, in preemptive memoriam of my lengthy locks, I've decided to enshrine images of their final vacation in Australia.

Also, taking suggestions for hair styles.

The "woman on a motorcycle" look. Except I'm on a boat. And have a penis.

Now you know why potheads prefer long hair: it can help hide their habits.



  1. Hmmm, can't help but wonder how many potheads have set themselves on fire.

    I vote for an over-the-ears, brushing-the-collar-in-the-back do. Check out pics of Orlando Bloom. You'll see what I mean.

  2. I like your hair. I'll come and braid it for ya! However, I do know what a damn nuisance long hair can be, especially if it's thick.

    Came over from Baino's Banter. Seems you've been having fun down there!