Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Australian Road Trip Musings

No photos today (but they're coming)... just some random mental meanderings from the land of marsupials.

Started an 8-day road trip across the southeastern portion of the country/island/continent.

Left from Sydney, drove down the Pacific Highway to Mogo Zoo. Saw some white lions, dingos. Stayed in a mining town resort.

Left from Mogo, down the Pacific/Princes Highway, on the way to Giant Gippsland Worm country. Stayed in Leongatha in a roadside motel. The next day, stopped at a replica mining town (lots of these in Australia) in Korumburra, chatted up two shopkeepers for worm info. Bought Alan Burnett some postcards (okay, okay... Baino bought Alan Burnett some postcards). Saw a photo of a Gippsland Worm reclamation project sign. Drove around a dinky country area (Poowong) until we found the sign. Hunted for worms for a couple of hours.

To no avail.

Drove to Phillip Island and saw some Fairy Penguins, which are now known as Little Penguins, since some Aussie bureaucrat arbitrarily decided that gay men might take offense, despite the fact that no gay man in Australia has ever complained about Fairy Penguins.

Went to Melbourne, saw where they hung Ned Kelly, took part in a reenactment of Ned Kelly's court trial (I played Sergeant Steele) and spent the night with two awesome people (Lenore and Chris) who got me friggin' pissed on home-brewed beer. Including a heavily-alcoholic ginger beer that I got to name (Melbourne visitors... track down "Red Sonja!")

Drove down the Great Ocean Road, all the way to the Twelve Apostles (gorgeous cliffside/seaside natural formations) and the Loch Ard wrecksite. Drove back up the Great Ocean Road (of which much of it is nowhere near the ocean) and stayed in Airey's Inlet... where I was attacked by cockatoos the following morning (photographic evidence will be presented at a later date).

Went back to Melbourne and hung out with Baino's niece and her boyfriend (two more awesome people). Someone remind me at some point to talk about the driving laws and peculiarities in Australia... particularly Melbourne's infamous "hook turns."

Drove up to Swan Hill (saw zero swans) and visited another vintage mining town/museum. Drove past Pyramid Hill (which does look like a pyramid).

Drove down the Alpine Highway to Jindabyne, found an AWESOME hotel in East Jindabyne (by accident), then checked out Australia's highest mountains.

Went to Canberra, saw the Ned Kelly suits of armor at a museum (all four in one spot), then checked out the war memorial museum the next morning (awesome museum). Sadly, I slept through the Dawn Service for ANZAC Day (I will attend one in the future... which means, yes, I'll be back).

Now back in Sydney, preparing to return home.

I have not seen any koalas in the wild, but I have seen kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats. Shit yeah.

Okay, so there's not much musing today... but I'll revisit all of this in more detail shortly.


  1. all good things must come to an end...but what a trip!

  2. I can't believe how quickly three weeks has gone. It's been nothing short of awesome. Love your bones precious. Soz about the lack of koalas but I've only ever seen one live wild wombat in . . .well . . many years.

  3. So cool to read your version of the trip too - sounds so amazing! Hope you enjoyed every moment :)