Saturday, March 12, 2011

Theme Thursdays, 2010: Volume 2-2

You might remember me complaining about how odd Theme Thursday got last year. Or you probably don't. Anyway, it did. And I announced my intention to quit participating. Then an admin there asked me for suggestions. So I gave some. And then they implemented pretty much all of them. So I kept participating in order to not look an asshole (even though I am one). And then I quit again, but for other reasons. Ah, well. Check it out, though.

Here's what I linked (titles marked with * were not originally posted for Theme Thursday):


    1. theme thursday was the first meme i ever played...met a lot of great people...used to be my favorite day of the week, great community...went to shit in a heatbeat...

    2. It was one of my first too, after 100-Words. It was easy to do, which made it hard to read. But like everything, in among the faux were some genuine gems. But eventually, I left too, preferring to spend my time trying to improve rather than just participate.

      Thing is, there is no reason one can't do both at the same time. I struggle with that. I guess it's the old path of least resistance thing. If acceptable, "good enough" becomes "enough." And that's just not good enough, ya know?