Saturday, March 19, 2011

Table of Contents: Exodus Lost

This story is a personal favorite of mine, not because it's caused a bit of behind-the-scenes ruckus, but because it is insanely fun to write (then again, maybe the ruckus is what made it fun). I stated it when I posted the first part and I'll state it again: there is no commentary on religion intended here. The only intent is to tell a adventure story that happens to encompass the scope of Western religion. So don't get your knickers in a bunch.

"Exodus Lost"
Talbot pauses to stare at the stained glass image of the Madonna over the oak doors. He's seen the image - similar ones, at least - many, many times, but for some reason this one appears to be brighter in color than they usually are. The crowns on Jesus and Mary's heads... Read More

"The Man in the Fedora"
"Eyes on?" McGonigal asks into the headset. He's been in Los Angeles for over a month, leading a squad from Gabriel platoon on what was turning out to be a wild goose chase. Nobody had said anything, but it was becoming obvious that none of the men thought this... Read More

"Garden of Fire"
The Adversary smiles, lost in the irony happening on the field of battle. They have devolved to not only using men as soldiers in their war, but to using the tactics of men. Then again, it is those men who managed to dictate the necessity for those tactics. Not bad for cockroaches... Read More

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