Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magpie Tales, 2010: Volume 2

Well, I kept a promise to myself and participated in Magpie Tales a bit more frequently than I had been, but I have to confess to linking far too many pre-existing stories to the writing group. Still, there's something both inspiring and memory-inducing about the images posted there.

That stated, I'm tired of the group. Too much, too fast, not enough talent. And way too much "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Sorry, I subscribe to: If it's good, read it; if it's not, don't. Is reciprocation the only thing that drives bloggers?

Yeah, I said it. Sue me. I still recommend it if you're looking for a place to post your stuff, though.

Anyway, here's what I linked for the second half of 2010 (as well as 2011, before I split):

*Pieces not originally written for Magpie Tales are marked with an asterisk and their original posting dates.


  1. What's that you say about reciprocation? You say my emperor is naked? Alright, well your emperor's naked, too. So there.

    But seriously, I have found that groups like Magpie Tales are a great way for getting new readers and finding new blogs to read and were very helpful to me early on in blogging (spoken as the true blogging veteran of 15 months that I am). I wish I had the time and writing discipline to participate regularly. I agree that some of the mutual-admiration-society aspect of blogging in general can get a bit cloying, and am afraid I am as big a culprit on that front as anyone.

    Anyway, yours is absolutely the best Magpie Tales index I have ever read this morning. You should publish it ... (so I'll be expecting a return compliment over at my blog way later on today ...)

  2. as far as te reciprosity i think you can look at the motivations people bring to the table with blogging. there is a distinct group that lack social relationships in their life or that they find the ones they do have are unfulfilling.

    they feel they have given and not recieved back their due in return. too mnay nights with a lover that is snoring 5 minutes after sex before they have even begun to warm up. (i would say this happens more in men, smiles)

    any way they come to blogging create virtual relationships that make them feel good, make them feel they have found what they are missing.

    people tell them things they never hear at home. "you are good" "god, you are so deep" they tthen become emotionally attached to the praise and want it to continue. thus the need to find others to "stroke" them, thus achieving the climax they never really get any where else.

    sadly this leads to social withdrawl and mental health issues, when the only people they ever talk about are people they have never seen that make up interesting facts about them selves to impress others that they have never seen.

    ultimately it leads to a slow spreading of the glutenous area resulting in lack of exercise until the person becomes unable to actually go out and meet people in real life, for fear of social shame at the size of their posterior and general lack of energy and motivation.

    thus why people like self serving comments, to make them feel better about the size their ass has become.

    magpie tales...i used to do it.

  3. really i had more...but the average attention span of a blogger is about 3-5 paragraphs and i was afraid you would not read it, if i wrote another. but a second comment is always welcome. smiles.

    no i have not been drinking, its 7 am, what do you take me for...i am too busy leaving comments to walk to the refridgerator any way...

  4. Wow. Yuk. I'll always seen the as a screen as a screen. Usually, Nothing to jump into or out of. -J

  5. You go, Brian. I agree that it's about motivation. There are some who blog as a way to become better writers. But there are many more, I suspect, who blog as conversation, social intercourse, if you will. And some of those are limited in their ability to seek real social companionship by illness, age, or disability. So they turn to a virtual society, where they can be just like everyone else.

    Picture yourself at a party. That boring guy who still loves his leisure suit comes up and says something inane. Do you turn and walk away? Or do you exchange a few inanities of your own before seeking more scintillating company?

    Wait. Don't answer that.

  6. Oh pish. Never made up an interesting fact about myself in my life. But I aint no social recluse either. I just hate sycophantic comments for the sake of it. Then I'm a subscriber to 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all' except for this blog which is irrelevant, irreverent and like me . . a bit redundant. Hey Bri? Talking about yourself or Jeffscape HAHAHAHA! Seriously, I don't take anything on this piece of crap well, seriously. But I love it when people do.

  7. I'd rather have honesty than back scratching. Now if you're talking massage over honesty, we might have a problem. Touch is my love language. And I could post the link to the post I wrote about that, but if you really want to read it, it's not hard to find ;-)
    What bugs the crap out of me is the people who don't read your stuff but ask you to follow them and then they'll follow you. I'm not blogging for praise. I'm blogging because I love writing. And need practice. Lots. And all the "nice take on the prompt" ain't gonna accomplish that.