Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ecstatic Ramblings

Am I drunk? Read this before you answer that: The Ballad of Robert Weston Smith.

But, no... not drunk. Maybe a little crazy. Okay... a lot crazy. Seriously, though, that above piece was the result of having an elbow and wrist injury. Then again, I wasn't even medicated when I wrote it... yeah, I'm fucking nuts.

So... what's new? Other than my reemerging propensity to overuse ellipses, that is. Hmm... no, that's pretty much all that's new. Just my reemerging propensity to overuse ellipses.

My hair is the longest it's ever been. Seriously, it covers my nipples. That's right... my nipples. Not to worry, though, since I'm getting it chopped while I'm in Australia next month (there might even be pictures, but don't hold your breath).

Charlie Sheen is a douchebag. So are NFL players and owners.

A friend of mine got a novel published (go Mike!). And I accidentally wrote one. I'll probably burn mine before it's polished, but I'm going to read his on the 14-hour flight to Sydney.

U2 is playing SoCal this summer. Anyone want to go? I'm buying. Dan Black played SoCal last fall... I just found out. I missed three shows within driving distance. Fuck you, Twitter!

This is no shit: I was asked to accompany a group of people to Libya a couple of weeks before the hoopla there. Glad I said no. Then again, the pay probably skyrocketed. Eh, whatever. I've got a trip to Croatia to finish planning. I'm counting on there not being another Yugloslav civil war. Probably a safe bet at this juncture.

I'm afraid that the back of my head is going to feature prominently in an episode of a dancing show this upcoming season. Ugh. No, I'm not dancing in it.

A friend of mine claimed that I'm the only person who would travel half-way around the world just for the chance to see a 6-foot earthworm. Oddly enough, the first two people I mentioned this to have gone on record as also willing to travel half-way around the world just for the chance to see a 6-foot earthworm.

Books I've read so far this year: 2010: Odyssey Two, The Other Side of the Sky, The Drowned World (okay, so I'm currently reading that one), The Thing. I only mention this because I'm making a concerted attempt to read more this year than last year.

If you're a fan of Robotech, you should check out the Macross Saga (the original series the first portion of Robotech was adapted from). It's free on Hulu right now and is amazing for two reasons: the story is remarkably human and it's obvious the recent Battlestar Galactica mined the series for ideas. Oh, they'll deny it. Probably even claim to have never seen (or heard of) it... but they kiped it for all it was worth. Okay, maybe not... but the similarities are ridiculous.

Music lovers should buy Rebecca Loebe's albums, especially if you're a fan of American Folk. She has (so far) sent me all of her albums for free, but you should pay for yours! Damnit. It's good stuff.

I'm done rambling. Time for bed.


  1. will check out loebe....i am seeing U2 at Ravens stadium in June...

  2. I'm seeing U2 this summer in Philly providing Bono doesnt fuck up his back...again!

  3. 'La Boheme' is opening here next week, are you offering your novel to burn on stage? Could be fun. Are you auctioning your hair to fund your travels? Is there really an overuse of ... going around?
    Why do you not answer the really important questions? -J

  4. Are your nipples ten inches below your head? Do they have Locks of Love down under? If yes on both counts, do it and help a kid out.

  5. LOL, PattiKen! But a great idea to donate. I like random musing posts. Several of the blogs I read do only that.

  6. No Locks of Love down under and believe me I've tried. I'll get him to put it in a plastic bag and take it home. And oh yes, there will be photos. Worms? And there I was thinking you to visit me. Silly woman that I am. U2 and you're paying? Shichyeah...count me in. Go ahead and burn your book. I have a copy MWAHAHAHAHAH