Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sign Says Closed

Way back in 2006, I wrote a blog post on MySpace in response to a friend of mine's irritating propensity to self-promote. Like... really irritating. Worse, she'd self-promote when she didn't need to, when it was unwarranted, or when people clearly didn't give a shit. So, me being a bit of a jerk... I wrote about it (IMDb Listings).

For the next three years (give or take a month or two), I wrote wrathfully and whingeingly about a ton of shit that, admittedly, I didn't really care about. But, people have long-expected such a tone from me and since MySpace was, you know, "a place for friends," I felt compelled to oblige. I even got my buddy Wings involved in MySpace and (indirectly) blogging.

Wings, being more in tune with cyberspace than I am, quickly discovered new blogging platforms and in late 2008 made the jump to Blogger (check out his blog here). Since he was one of my blogging buddies and (I'll confess) I kinda missed him around, I started checking out his new blog. By May of 2009, he'd convinced me to give Blogger a shot.

So I did. And I loved it. Sure, there are some features from MySpace blogs that I miss, but in 9 features out of 10, Blogger blows MySpace out of the water. Six days after testing it out, I jettisoned MySpace for good.

Shortly after that, Wings asked me to edit something for a blogging group called Theme Thursday. Then he encouraged me to give the group a whirl. And I did.

Over the last year and half or so, I've begun correspondence with a ton of cool bloggers. Many have become regular sources of entertainment and information, a few have become collaborators and/or professionally intertwined, and a handful have even become real-life friends. And, for these connections, I'm eternally grateful.

Last year, from January 1st to December 31st, I conducted a bit of an experiment and wound up posting on a strict schedule in order to prove a point in a dick-headed manner (I'm a jerk, remember?). Sometime last summer, I got sick of it... the schedule, the point, the blog... all of it. But, as I'm also stubborn, I kept with it. I figured I'd get the bug again eventually (and I sort of did), but the muse has faded to the point of apathy. This, combined with the fact that several around these parts have proven to be remarkably disingenuous, has made the fun of blogging (for me) disappear.

So... I'm closing up shop. I'll still be around, of course. There are three or four bloggers I've run across who have legitimate shots at becoming working writers, and I'll be assisting them whenever I can. Those connections I'm grateful for know where I'm hanging out, and a fellow blogger has kindly granted me author access on her blog for whenever I get the itch to post some creative writing publicly (which will primarily be to keep my participation streak at The Tenth Daughter of Memory alive). Maybe I'll be back, but I wouldn't hold your breath (the three of you who care).

Well, see you around. Gotta go. One of my cats clearly wants more attention. Maybe he misses my other two dogs as much as I do.


  1. So long, man. Hope we can still chat occasionally.

  2. Well you know how I feel. This is one of my fave blogs but you have to do what you have to do. And I couldn't be more thrilled that you're coming over to make babies . . er that didn't sound right, I mean becoming a fellow Babymaker on Creative Infanticide. Perhaps withoug Irrex as a distraction,you might start to finish (hmmm oxymoron)

  3. Was fun while it lasted, wasn't it? Seems like the bloom is off the rose for many. I have felt no blogging inspiration myself, going through the motions. Who knows...

    Hope to stay in touch. You know where to reach me, sir.

  4. yeah--this blogging thing is a grind sometimes. Life gets in the way. Be seeing you around though, and good luck with all that.

  5. Will miss your rants and raves,,, & Irreverent ways, no one does it finer.

    although I cannot image you losing your muse,,, just redirected to greener pastures.


  6. seriously i already said good bye yesterday...i hate long got take care of your cat....smiles.

  7. I'll email you with my thoughts on all of this. I would just make the respectful request that you not delete the blog, even if you don't continue it. There's a lot of stuff here I like to prowl around in.

    Apart from being an always worthwhile and stimulating place to visit, you and your blog have been a constant source of encouragement since I ventured into this blog world. I thank you for that (you jerk!).

  8. Out with a bang ... the only way to go.
    Kick ass ... yes!

  9. Good luck! It's been great reading your stuff.

  10. I knew this was coming, and I wish it hadn't. So long!

  11. If anyone hears from him can you please let me know. He's cut all contact with me. I'm out of my mind with worry.

  12. Well he is alive. Still not talking to me yet but I have a couple of people watching his back. He has some family worries and a few other issues but I'm ever hopeful he'll come back online soon.

  13. I did not realize this was out-of-the-circle, I thought it was out-of-the-house for a moment or two.
    Breaks give us more momentum. Perhaps he has lots to gather.... -J

  14. Whatever the reason for this hiatus, I hope he returns soon, with lots of new stories to enthrall us.

  15. He won't be back to the blog but I'll try to link up the posts for those lovers of the Irreverence. It's been a ride.

  16. but we've only just begun!!!!!!
    ah well,
    until we meet again.
    and to close with something cheesy,
    write on.

  17. I've just found your comment on a post I put on the Infanticide Exchange, which said 'Do NOT self publish!' Can you tell me why you are so adamant on that subject?