Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The First Random Musings of 2011

These are the first random musings of 2011 (and first ones in a while)... they may also be the only random musings of 2011. Strongly considering closing up blog-shop.

I have discovered the joy of cooking steak with onions.

So, someone decided to publish The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, sans the word "nigger." Yes, Roger Ebert's knee-jerk reaction to the news was, well, an overreaction, but he's right. Editing any literature is stupid. And the people who support the idea are stupid. Is the word unfortunate? Absolutely. But do you know what's more unfortunate? People who try to pretend fucked up things didn't happen in history by editing them so nobody else knows they happened. Not only is that information control (something these nit-pickers like to whine about), it's blatant censorship. And censorship is for assholes. Motherfucking assholes. Edit that, bitches.

Hmm... I may have forgotten to mention earlier that I have discovered the joy of cooking at all.

Top Gear, one of the most-watched television series in the world, got in trouble because the hosts decided to dress up as Muslim women for a segment of their Christmas special on the BBC. Obviously, the Muslims who watch the show were "highly offended" because the hosts essentially "mocked" Islam for all of 10 minutes. Never mind the fact that the entire show mocked Christianity (particularly the belief in the Three Magi, who bestowed gifts upon a newborn Jesus), or the fact that the reason for the cross-dressing was to hide from (and mock) authorities from Israel (you know, that Jewish country that Islamic fundamentalists would like to see wiped from the face of the Earth?). No... they cared not about that. Only the 10 minutes that offended them. To them I say, "Go fuck yourselves."

By the way, if you've never cooked a rib eye steak in cilantro, you should try it.

The San Diego Chargers didn't make the playoffs. Argh.

I have recently discovered that the "lime" tree in my backyard is actually a lemon tree. Oops.

What's the point of being declassified if all the government wants to do is reclassify what they agreed to declassify?

Had eel for the first time ever. Loved it.

I'm slowly discovering that "I'm too competitive" is actually a euphemism for "I'm a sore loser." Got news for you: true competitors play until they win. They don't give up when they lose.

There might be a new country in Africa next month. The southern portion of Sudan just voted on a referendum to secede from the country. A little known fact about me is that I'm a geography freak... that includes both physical and political geography. The concept of a new country is something I find pretty friggin' awesome. One of these days I'm going to figure out how many new nations were formed in my lifetime... but I'll save that for the bucket list.

If Secretary of Defense Gates was truly concerned with military efficiency and cost-effectiveness, he'd push harder for the Marine Corps to be absorbed by the Army.

Whiny hags crack me up. And, before you ask, I've been known to crack myself up.

Actually, I've decided. Closing up blog-shop.


  1. Well I for one will miss this blog sorely. Good job I copied some of my fave posts huh! Seriously my darling, just close, don't delete . . you might change your mind.

  2. "Say it ain't so, Joe!" ... about closing up the blog shop I mean.

  3. You owe us a reason.
    And beware, once you have posted it there will be another comment which says "You owe us a rational reason"

  4. see ya. thanks for the cooking tips as is 7 am and i think i may go raid the freezer for a steak...

  5. you mean the same muslims who don't have a problem cutting off a person's head while its still alive? whackjobs...why do they think they're so special? everybody makes fun of everybody else.

    and onions, they're good with everydamnthing

  6. I've always liked the whines, but I'm sure they will continue somewhere...? -J

  7. Joining the chorus of "don't close" I'll miss the rants and the partial stories that piss me off because there is no ending, just when I'm really getting into them. Not that I'm complaining. And for this series of rants I agree with all of them except I have never cooked a steak with cilantro but now I guess I'll have to.

  8. No time to really read and comment - will be back later for that - but one bit jumped off the page.

    Please reconsider. Please.

  9. Hey, I'll be cliche & quote a song lyric:

    Every new beginning comes from some other
    beginning's end.

  10. Closing shop? Say it isn't so! Or at least say why...your followers are grieving.

  11. OK. I've come and read. As always, really enjoy your random musings, as I know all of your now bereft readers do.

    Beyond that, I guess I don't have anything else to say.

  12. Did you catch Jon Stewart on Huck Finn?

    hmmm. I show up and the blog closes?

  13. close up? surely you jest jeff. you can't do this.

    ok, well i know you can do this. but i don't want you to do this.

    and by the way, i've already eaten dinner, but i can't get the image of cooking a ribeye in cilantro out of my head. better than thinking of a pink elephant.

    but i not close your blog. do not. please.

    p.p.s. you're a good random muser.