Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out in the Open

So, I've been caught. Red-handed. After several months of trying to keep it under wraps, I've been called on it. I have, despite my best intentions, fallen head over heels in love with a fellow blogger. She's ignored my hints, my emails, my less-than-subtle yearnings hidden in "fiction" pieces. I've even strongly considered, to save myself from abject embarrassment, deleting many of the posts I've written about her.

The kicker came when she posted a poem about fake, virtual love. You can read it here: "Not Your Average Love Poem"

Yeah, I tried to play it off with a joke, but it hurt. Maybe you're thinking I'm a little crazy right now, but I don't care. I'm not about "fake, virtual love." That was uncalled for.

And I know you really love my writing - you're not fooling anybody - so here's your not-so-average love poem...

And the Muses...
To convince, of love, words as art
What better way to show you
Syllables from my heart

I could quote lyrics, and I would
But better they'd be mine own
As they should

To read of your other men
I feel sick, disgusted
My heart abandoned

No, I shall not devolve immature
But hold my head high
As I imagine our future

Please don't unfollow
Leave me on your blog roll
For its absence, as my heart...

Would leave me hollow...

You are, forever, my Muse...


Yeah, I'm pathetic. Sue me.


  1. Cad . .damn cad! Two-timing son of a biatch. No cookery book for you! Oh and you're sleeping on the floor when you come here. Two-timing Bastard!

  2. Aw... Sweet Cheeks. You know I love you wildly too. How could you not know? You should have said something sooner. And to wait until I'm out of town! Did you not know I wouldn't be able to stay away?

    Sorry, Baino. SOmetimes one just cannot resist these major forces of nature...

  3. Congratulations to you Jeff (and PattiKen and Baino, too). Love is so wonderful. I'm just so glad it's not me or my blog you've fallen in love with ...

  4. there goes that threesome i had envisioned on route 80.

  5. What, the possum, the raccoon, and the squirrel?

  6. real or virtual drama... ?
    Nice lines, though.