Monday, October 4, 2010

Touché, Cliché #1: The Grass is Greener...

Yes, I know today's a "rant and rave day" and there was a rant for today, but it's been moved to Wednesday of next week. Why? Because I got together with Tom at Half-Moose with a Twist a while back and pitched an idea I had for a comic strip. In short, he agreed to draw it, and we finally got off our asses (well, HE did... my records indicate I sent the first script on June 15th... nyah) and put the first one together.

Hope you enjoy. Here it is (click to enlarge):

Art by Half-Moose. Script by JeffScape.


  1. nice touche' with the colors...
    ahem...if i remember right, it took quite a long time for you to send the 1st scrip, too. nyeh.
    a duo that will ultimately end in squabbling and bloodshed

  2. fabulous job dynamic duo...nicely done.

  3. Ah the story of my life in a comic strip (in a mighty fine comic strip I should add).

  4. Very cool, Guys. You might have found a new career.

  5. nice expose on the 'grass is always greener... myth