Monday, October 18, 2010

Jayne's No. 5

A while back I read a list of revelations over at one of my favorite blogs (Harnett-Hargrove). The list concerns itself with life in general, but is very much about the creative mindset. It's twelve points, all of which (in my opinion) are valid, but it's point number five that I love so much (those curious can read the whole post here).

"5. Muse: Learn to work this. Most successful freelancers can't afford to wait for inspiration. People in other professions work everyday whether they feel like it or not."

What can I say to this but: yes, yes, yes, exactly right, yes, I-love-you-will-you-marry-me, yes (okay, the proposal is a joke, but it's an apt sentiment).

Regular readers of mine will know I don't buy into writer's block. Seriously, it's bullshit. As I've stated before, unless your fingers and hands are broken or cut off, there is no such thing as writer's block. Other excuses I can't stand with so-called "aspiring writers" are "I'm too busy," "I'm not inspired," and "I'm not motivated."

What can I say to those but: no, no, no, bullshit, no, go-fuck-yourself-and-find-another-career-aspiration, no (okay, the insult is not a joke, and is totally an apt sentiment).

Of course, who am I to be doling out such advice? But... I'm not the one who said it this time. So, nyer.

Write anyway!


  1. i appreciate your encouragement...

    and i think this is my favorite blog title yet...
    irrepoo irrepee...(the sarcasm is not sarcasm, but is total an apt sentiment.) lol.

  2. Really? So all that I have read from and about writers about blockage and stoppage and how hard it is and so forth is just cover for the fact that they really aren't putting and/or opening their minds to it? Because it should just flow like the wind or something?

    Why don't you close all your pages down and get to it then? Huh? Tell me when you've got a publisher and a date. I'll buy it.

  3. (YIikes) That is the specific challenge, encouraging the muse ... I do every much believe that when you jump in and play, there is no choice and soon, PLAY will play back. The creative flux just works that way. -J

  4. :) for the handless, there's voice recognition.. so like ya said, der really are no excuses except the middle letter in excuses- U.. :) i came back to writin after 2 years, but yehh- it was just sheer laziness that kept me out, no bullshit block :)

  5. Well, perhaps there is no such thing as writer's block, though, people as prolific and successful as James Michener have spoken of it. But it could be just a matter of you say "to-may-to" and I say "to-mah-to." A round, red, juicy salad ingredient by any other name...

    I am admittedly such a neophyte that to speak of "writer's block" would be presumptuous. But I can certainly say that there are times when inspiration flees.

    In keeping with your excremental blog title, I'll just say that creative regularity would be good. But the published world is full of the evidence of both creative constipation and creative diarrhea. Neither is very appealing.

  6. Just as well I'm not an aspiring writer. Don't fancy fucking myself. I find positive reinforcement and encouragement far more constructive.

  7. So funny to read this today as I've just started (as in a couple of days ago) to take up more creative writing again with 15 minutes a day. I'm going to treat it as I do running and practicing my singing - I'm going to try to do it but if I miss a day, I'll just do it the next day. We'll see.

  8. I came back when this was published, and now on revisiting, I find I would say the same thing, were I saying something this time. But I see I don't need to.