Saturday, October 16, 2010

Irrewind, 20101016: Tenth Daughters of Memory

Yes, I'm aware that I pimp out the writing challenge that I helped found at least twice a year (via index posts), but it deserves an extra pimp. It's grown a bit this year (slowly, but surely) and remains my favorite writing group (sounds subjective, coming from me, but I'd honestly claim this anyway).

Anyway, as of this writing I've won the 10thDoM challenge five times (not counting the River of Mnemosyne butt-kicker), so I'm gonna put them up again. Nyer.

(Actually, I won a sixth time, but due an issue regarding a "corrected vote," I handed off the victory to a worthy competitor... who that was shall never be revealed... they deserved it, anyway)

(Then again, the second time I won was because the actual winner forgot to vote... so I guess I'm even)

The smell of cedar is out of place. Israel is not to the south and there are no trees. He doesn't know what death smells like - perhaps it does smell like wood - but he is resolutely certain that fear should smell like something else. The nitrocellulose in the air does little to staunch the... Read More

"Uriah and Uriel: A Dialogue"
At first the rain was useless to Uriah, because it didn't wash the blood off of his hands. But as the flooding started, he was able to cake himself with mud, hiding the crime. No evidence remained but a buried body unlikely to be found and a broken heart unlikely to be revealed... Read More

"The Storms of Dust, Part I" and "The Storms of Dust, Part II"
Long separated from his brother, Afvaldr, and regretting the decision to not switch his horse out for a local dromedary, Áfastr sits nearly defeated on a small slope comprised of sand. He feels the loose earth beneath him shifting, but he doesn't care. With his back to the wind and... Read More

He realizes as he stares up at her that there is no word for her. Gorgeous comes close, but is too superficial. Beautiful, though accurate, misses something. He realizes as he stares down at her that a word is not necessary. Her landscape is perfect with its imperfections. He... Read More

"A Rapture in Silence"
It is quiet up here, the sensation of falling numbing all other sensations. Those already on the ground deafened by the very thing that inadvertently provides solace for those still in the air. Even heat - solar, geothermal, mechanical... it matters not - fails to register in a mind... Read More

*Update - I just won another Muse.


  1. You rock and that is all there is to it!

  2. the undisputed king you are.

  3. So, when are you gonna go from pimping your Greatest Hits to doing covers of standards and Christmas albums?

  4. you rule mr. jeff man, you rule!

  5. Not very modest tho are we?
    Nah, deserved wins, I dunno how you do it frankly

  6. ...I was wondering who the celeb was over there. -J

  7. Every win is well-deserved. It must be burden. You can't even write a bad story when you try. ;-)