Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Blog Reviews V

Yeah, so... my Internet habits are changing a tad. You might have noticed I combined the old blog rolls (I think there were five) into two. I've dropped most of the blogs I follow from my reader, preferring instead to just click on their links when they pop up. The irony is that I'm actually reading more blogs than I used to (a temporary phenomenon, I'm sure).

Anyway, here are more blogs I've been enjoying (not all of which I actually "follow"). It's a cool mix.

Empathy's Ego - A somewhat reluctant blog, it's a bit disheartening that it's not updated more often, but the snippets of poetry and prose you'll find there reveal an eager and consistently improving talent. Perhaps all she needs is a bit more encouragement. So go encourage.

The Far Queue - I'm not entirely sure how to describe this one (then, that may be the point there), but I'd have to call it "counter-pop pop culture." An amazing talent filters through competent poetry, engaging fiction, and often cathartic commentary. In all likelihood, you're going to disagree with many of the perspectives shared in the work at The Far Queue, but so what? It's enjoyable to read (there's no dogmatic attempt to shove dissenting opinions down your throat) and will make you think.

Just a Lost Soul Swimmin' in a Fish Bowl - We all know how I love irreverent attitudes, and blog author Jeney is about as irreverent as they come. Though sometimes dealing with serious topics, the pervasive sarcasm and finger-pointing humor (often at herself) is hilarious. And for those of you who like a blogger who directly engages their audience (unlike me), you'll find this blog destination to be to your liking.

Life at Willow Manor - A former "blog of note" on blogger, this one needs absolutely no endorsement from me (and probably won't notice, anyway). Not only one of the better variety/slices of life blogs I've come across (recipes, movie reviews, book reviews, travelogues abound), it's also home to some of the best blog poetry I've ever read. Willow understands the singular nature of effective poetry and uses it to its full aesthetic and creative advantage. She'll be on bookshelves at some point, I'm certain.

PattiKen and the Muses - Like Empathy's Ego, this blog is home to an eager and consistently improving talent. Initially (I must admit), the prose just seemed to stagnate and remained predictable... but then something happened. I don't know what or how it came about, but there's a moment when the creative floodgates opened and all Hell broke loose (she'll appreciate that joke... heh). Now, you really don't know what you're going to get, and the result is thoroughly enjoyable. There's a saying in art (and other things) that "less is more," and as I sometimes point out over there, she's mastering that little facet of narration quite well.


As some of you are aware, I used to only pimp out blogs with a relatively small following (some of these larger blogs could do the same, but perhaps they lack the ego of empathy... cough, cough). I'm aware my influence in "pimping" is limited, at best, but as I prepare for my fade from the blogosphere, I feel that some of these bloggers warrant another mention.

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  1. Have been reading tons of blogs, as usual, but feeling a bit of the posting/following burnout, myself. Glad to see I am still in your roll. Have post schedule for October, at least 1/3 of October. Workin' on it.

    Sometimes you just have to clean house.

  2. your fade from the blogosphere...really?

  3. love love love the far queue--don't always understand it, but hey.
    Another good Blog is this thing 'Irreverant Irrelevance'...quite eclectic and pretty damned entertaining. Fading away? Why throw a good thing away?

  4. Why are you planning to fade?

  5. Thanks for the mention, my friend.

    What do you mean, your "fade from the blogosphere"?

  6. I prepare for my fade from the blogosphere.... as in an 'unscheduled dismissal' or in the general 'after the apocalypse happens and everyone is stuck in the ether'?
    Love Far Queue, and who doesn't know Willow?
    The rest I'll check out.

  7. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, do not fade from the blogosphere.

  8. Aw, shucks. I promise I'll cease disheartening you in the near future.