Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Infanticide Exchange

In an attempt to foster a bit more quality from Internet writers, bloggers Wings and JeffScape started The Tenth Daughter of Memory, a quasi-competitive collection of bored souls whose only prize for winning a Muse (the term for prompts there) is being able to pick a following Muse. And while the intention was not to concentrate on writing, it's sort of turned out that way (they've had non-writing entries and it's very much open to other types of creativity) and a general expectation has arisen concerning honest critical feedback.

Now, in an attempt not to scare off the scores of cowards lurking around The Tenth Daughter of Memory, a new blog is being created... one in which people who really want constructive criticism can come to get it: The Infanticide Exchange. Yes, your stories are your babies, and the intent is to try to kill them (because, you know, the ones that survive will only become stronger).

Anyone who already reads Creative Infanticide will know the philosophy behind the term, and anyone who wants in is welcome to join.

The blog is entirely private. It is invite only (so request an invitation), does not show up on search engines (nobody there is going to rip off anybody's work), and will be a great place for those who want to be writers to get honest, cold-hearted feedback (without the risk of dozens of "ooh, this is so good, you should be published" comments).

There are rules there, however. One is that your identity (name, age, email address, location, and phone number) must be shared with everyone else on the blog. Nothing within The Infanticide Exchange is anonymous, and everyone gets to follow everyone else's career aspirations and progress. Members will be activated as blog authors (we're limited to 100, but that shouldn't be an issue... and if it is, priority will be given to 10thDoM participants), and once something is posted, it cannot be removed. There are other rules, but you can learn about them there. Any violation (ANY) means you're kicked out of the group for good.

The Infanticide Exchange is up and running now, and the admins are Tom at Half-Moose with a Twist, Baino at Creative Infanticide, and JeffScape at Irreverent Irrelevance. Email one of them, and they'll get you started.

If you're willing to partake in a bit of baby-killing, that is.


  1. Good for you guys! I'm not a writer, I'm a reader. I hope that your endeavors produce fantastic and wonderful things. And that I may get to read them someday. :)

  2. I wonder what this will mean for 10DoM?

  3. Despite the bland, milquetoast name, it sounds interesting. Good luck. If I ever get around to fathering some fiction, I may ask for an invite.

  4. Good luck with it. Hope it works out for you all.

  5. Yes, that is of interest. I have despaired of finding a group where I could trust the feedback.

    May I request an invitation, please?