Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Development?

"Give me something. Anything."

"Okay, how about a fantasy piece?"


"All right. A Western?"

"A Western? Yeah, that might work. Haven't tried one of those in a while. Okay... plot?"

"Texas Rangers track down a..."


"An outlaw robs a bank and..."


"Robs a train."


"Rapes a woman."

"Clint Eastwood did that already."

"Rapes a donkey."

"Don't be a dick."

"Finds a hidden treasure."

"Oh, come on."

"Seriously. Finds a sunken pirate ship. Why wouldn't a cowboy be able to find a pirate ship?"

"Sounds stupid, but okay. So is he an outlaw or a cowboy?"

"How about a college professor?"

"For a Western?"

"Why not? Remember The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?"

"Was Jimmy Stewart a college professor in that?"

"I don't remember, but he was some kind of academic."

"Fine. What next?"

"Wait. Didn't you want to retell The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance without all the political crap?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Why not just do that?"

"Where's the treasure come in?"

"I mean write a different story."

"Dude. I'm kinda liking this pirate-Western story now."

"You said it sounded stupid."

"So? So does spoiled Civil War brat ignoring her true love and fucking a whole lot of other people."

"That's Gone With the Wind."


"Gone With the Wind is a classic."

"The book's better."

"What the fuck does that have to do with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?"

"I don't know. You brought it up."

"Gone With the Wind?"

"No, Liberty Valance."

"I was making a point about a character."

"Which one?"

"The outlaw. I mean the college professor."

"In a Western?"


Opening 2013: Liberty Valance and the Treasure of Blackbeard.

Theaters everywhere, Memorial Day.


  1. Oh the thoughts that go on in your head, was it poetic license? or the thoughts of a 'mad' science fiction writer gone western-political-pirate go a finding Johnny Depp to play the lead in your books release as an adapted screen play. Clint's too old ( even though he is western/political treasure hunter/bounty) and which by the way only Clint could have gotten away with raping a woman and be politically correct,

  2. Can't wait to see the film. And the follow-on "Gone With The Cutlass"

  3. haha...you have a brilliant mind jeff...can we get a monkey in there somewhere...monkeys make movies

  4. And that folks is how movies get made!

  5. And set the whole thing on the Planet Lovetron, and you've got a hit!