Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minds Ajar

The closed door
believes it to be open
as it pretends to clean its window
it doesn't look out anyway
open only for what's already in the room

But, oh, its designs come
from places yours do not
and therefore they must be true
a religion of opposition
worshiping the false facade in the mirror

Anything can live in an apartment
of its own creation
but unlike the closed door
the open door knows
being shut is the easy way out

The closed door
believes it to be open
as it checks frozen locks and rusted hinges
screaming futility
as others happily shift in the wind outside

Hide behind itself
and blame those with minds ajar
though it smiles at its own decorations
it offers no solutions
and nothing notices, or cares, when it slams to the floor


  1. nice verse jeff...and an intriguing thought...hopefully i keep my mind ajar...and doors open...

  2. Well, this is a first for me. Didn't know you did poetry (other than the poetry encased within your prose). Very nice. Would that more doors were left ajar, but sadly, all too many are closed, and the minds within are the most likely to wax poetic and critical about the view.

  3. yup! like the sentiments; and like it when the poetry bug bites

  4. Open only for what's already in the room

    being shut is the easy way out

    I can't read your poetry without wondering if it was just a quick write or not. Still, I liked this.

  5. Nice take on closed-mindedness and close-dooredness, the believing it is open, being open only for what is already in the room.

  6. I am too familiar with the closed door that believes itself open. It is tiring to say the least. I just don't have enough oil in the can at times for those hinges!

  7. Amazing how well this fits the prompt. Two pieces of your poetry side by side. I can't stand it.