Saturday, August 21, 2010

Irrewind, 20100821: Part Ones

So you've probably noticed that I start a lot of stories here without ever finishing them. A few get "sequel" chapters, but just as many are left by the wayside. This is for several reasons, one of which might be that the story sucks. Regardless of quality, as this is a public place to read (and share) stuff, I limit myself to posting three or four installments of any given story (excluding the River of Mnemosyne Challenge at The Tenth Daughter of Memory, of course). My mindset is such that, were to I continue a story beyond that many, then I might as well write it for submission somewhere.

Anyway, here are some "Part Ones" if you're interested:

The smell of cedar is out of place. Israel is not to the south and there are no trees. He doesn't know what death smells like - perhaps it does smell like wood - but he is resolutely certain that fear should smell like something else. The nitrocellulose in the air does little to staunch the odor. Cedar among blood. It's an interesting scent and its... Read More

"A Dragon in Winter"
A day that was ending unusually had begun unusually, in retrospect. Áfastr had never been hunting with a woman, but for some reason - probably the knee-shaking nervousness that comes with courting someone for the first time - he invited Kolfrosta with him. The intention was to hunt for food, as his family's meat stores were getting low, but... Read More

"Exodus Lost"
Talbot pauses to stare at the stained glass image of the Madonna over the oak doors. He's seen the image - similar ones, at least - many, many times, but for some reason this one appears to be brighter in color than they usually are. The crowns on Jesus and Mary's heads shimmer bright gold, an oddity given that the sun outside is well into... Read More

"Apollyta and Arteseus, Part I"
They are our great heroes. Perseus, Bellerophon, Heracles, Jason, Theseus, Achilles, and Odysseus. Men who were also gods, born of the great curse of divine intervention. Or men who should have been. Their tales only survive for us to tell because of survivors. But theirs are not the greatest feats of heroism. None saved the entire world... Read More

"The Scheherazadi, Part I"
Forgive me. You probably have no idea what's going on. Earth is a desert wasteland in my time and there aren't very many people left. A few dozen-million, if that. Yeah, the polar icecaps melted - well, one of them - but not for reasons you're thinking. Some assholes started a nuclear shootout. With all the interceptor defense systems, most... Read More


  1. You're so frustrating. Either post the lot or get them published and I'll buy them. Tease!

  2. Hey Jeff, There is a few jumps I need to go from here.

    Aside: Knowing you into comic books (yes?) I keep forgetting to ask if you saw '300', was it Watchmen you critiqued? -J

  3. i guess anything could be a part why label it as such?
    300 was great. I left the theatre wanting to yell loudly and stab everyone i saw.