Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Internet Writers - Quick Blog Reviews IV

Just figured I'd pimp out more blogs that I enjoy...

Creative Infanticide - a veteran blogger who recently decided to give creative writing a shot, her stuff is, well, pretty good. Though her initial intent was to write contemporary fiction, she quickly expanded into fantasy, including some science fiction and a bit of erotica. She might claim otherwise, but she was born to tell stories. The consistent, constant improvement in her work is proof enough of that.

Kaigan Lotlin - Okay, so this is a blog that I help administer, but only because it's the repository for some really inane stuff from my niece and nephew (neither of whom are older than 10 at the moment). No, it's not very good stuff right now, but I'm hoping their development as storytellers continues (if they choose to do so) at a steady pace. So read 'em!

The Rambling Decorum - another veteran blogger who wanted to separate her creativity from her rambling (ironic that her creative blog is The Rambling Decorum and her rambling blog is Tales from a Motherless Daughter), you can find intriguing fiction and photography here. Sometimes lacking confidence in herself, she nonetheless produces quality work. An oft-published writer once told her to give up writing (or so she says), but that was years ago. I'm certain he'd have a different opinion now should she ever find the courage to send him some of her more recent work.

Siobhan's Random Ramblings - an extremely young blogger, this one really does produce random ramblings (don't we all). And while her insights into life are clearly that of a youth's, there are moments of clarity beyond her years. That aside, her artwork is fantastic and a recent delving into creative writing is producing some seriously competent pieces.

WaystationOne - I've been reading this one for a while and the only reasons I've not touted the home of Brian Miller before are that 1) I used to have an arbitrary rule about only pimping lesser-known blogs, and 2) he's got a shitload of followers. Already in possession of an excellent grasp on poetic prose, he's been stylistically spreading his wings as of late. Typically writing warm-and-fuzzy material, his darker stuff is what drew me to his work. That there are hints of ugly underneath pieces most describe as beautiful is why he's so intriguing. He's afforded me the honor of reading some of his more disturbing material before he posts and/or publishes it, and it's brilliant.

Give 'em a whirl; tell 'em I sent ya.


  1. My goodness gracious. Wow. Thank you.

  2. aw shucks make me blush...haha. i am finding myself more and more comfortable int eh shadows. thanks for your words and your prodding to spread those wings...

  3. haha! i like the kiddy stuff as well. lot of potential there!

  4. Your recommendations always lead to interesting places. Brian I know well, but the others I will look up.

  5. Thanks! I always enjoy these. And I agree, Brian's darker stuff especially, and the suggestion of darkness, is really very intriguing. (although of course all his work is great)

  6. Thanks for the plug. I haven't visited Rambling Decorum so will give it a go on the wekend. Alan, Creative Infanticide is me!