Monday, July 26, 2010

DreamScape II: Dream-Road Trucker

Every now and then I have these really vivid and insane dreams. Not just intense... insane. Yes, I know that these happen to everybody, but last year I took the time to write one down (A Really Strange Dream, hereby retroactively titled "DreamScape I"). Since that one, I started writing more of them down. At first I wasn't sure how I wanted to present them... flat-out and up-front or mixed with a bit of creative writing... but then I figured that presentation would depend on the dream itself. So I worked out a system of italicizing the actual dream portions while writing everything else in standard font.

Also, I don't put much stock into dream analysis, but several of my friends do, and I invite them to check these out. If they can handle the insanity, that is.

Anyway, here's one from sometime in March of 2010:


I'm a big-rig driver. Never mind that I've never driven a big-rig in my waking life, for such details don't matter. I have a pet tarantula whose name I don't know, but he's fuzzy and doesn't talk much, so is a pleasure to drive with. I'm surround by other truck drivers and we're waiting for legendary NFL coach Bill Parcells to give us a speech. I can't remember what he says, but I'm sure it's motivational. The man did win a couple of Super Bowls, after all.

He takes us to the movie theater and hands us movie tickets. Some sort of football movie, probably, but I miss the showing. Instead, I'm lost in a mall. Calm down. Find the exit. The mall can't be that big. Or, wait... yes it can.

There's the starting gun. I'm running to my truck, apparently part of some sort of combination convoy and race. It's clear I'm on the East Coast somewhere. My three dogs are with me. I hope they don't eat my tarantula. My two teammates are already loaded. I don't know why they're on my team, because neither can drive a truck.

Most of the Eastern portion of the United States flies by my window and the next thing I know  my dogs have vanished into thin air (I guess the spider is safe) and I'm pulling up to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I dream about the place often, given my history there and all, but it never looks the same. There are Koreans running all over the base hospital, kidnapping the other drivers and groups of soldiers. They're doing some kind of experiments on the unwitting patients. Chemical lobotomies. Or maybe the lobotomies aren't the experiments, but the method in which the Koreans capture everybody. I can't recall exactly. Some of these bastards have large metal spiders growing out of their abdomens. Ever seen Total Recall? Yeah, those metal spiders remind me of the mutant head. Yuck.

I find some sort of spray weapon that keeps the Koreans away from me. They're afraid of it. I have no idea why, but it's allowing me to get to the exit. Don't ask how I got in the hospital. I just sort of appeared there, I suppose. Teleportation and magic doors run rampant in my dream worlds. I need to go back and rescue the others. Good thing I have a large supply of whatever this shit is the spider-Koreans are terrified of. I do rescue some people... not sure if any of them are my teammates.

I jump in my truck. On the way off the base, I pick up Amaury Nolasco (an actor from Prison Break). He doesn't seem to mind the tarantula, either. Driving down a lonely road that I remember has a pretty nice steakhouse, we stop at a small residence. I guess I know who lives here, but I've never seen these people in my life. Some woman and her friend greet me with hugs, not having seen me in a while (ever, in reality). They're crying. The woman's daughter has died or something. Whatever happened, it was tragic, though I never get clarification if the girl's dead or not. Scott Bakula is here for moral support. He doesn't want me to feel bad.


So... anyone feel like trying to analyze that?


  1. Ummm, you are feeling the need to drive, rub shoulders with famous people, and you secretly find spiders as "cute" as rats (remember the rat thing with me? :)). Koreans... not the military again?!

  2. scott bakula just took this dream to a new what were you drinking when you fell aslee wathing ice road truckers....

  3. Geez man! You need to stop watching those late night news after Ice Road Truckers! :D
    Seriously, though, there are at least two sections in this dream where you have been slightly awake in between "chapters"...

  4. just confirms everything i've suspected...

  5. Oh, I would never try to analyze anything that comes from your mind. No, uh uh.