Saturday, May 8, 2010

Write Anyways

So here they are... my most recent examples of "writing anyway." These are all the product of not having a clue or an idea in my head and simply hitting the letters on a keyboard until something (hopefully) coherent came out. Some are decent, maybe even good. Others are utter crap. Regardless, they were written under the auspices of what others call "writer's block." Which, by the way, does not exist.

For your enjoyment (or disdain):


  1. i totally agree--most of my stuff comes from just picking up a pen, or sitting down at the keyboard...sometimes the only time i have is is the evening, and if i sit down i'm often done for the night. old age, ha.

    probably have read most of those, but i'll peruse them a bit later today.

  2. so which one is the 10% so i can read the good