Monday, May 24, 2010

Merlot and Coffee: The Drinks

It was an accident, I assure you. Okay, not really an accident, more like a drunken discovery that happened due to a drunken thought that was more or less purposeful. In other words, a sober observer might claim it was an accident, but a drunk one would've been like, "Hell, yeah!"

Merlot. Followed by coffee. Is awesome.

Yes. It is.

Okay, so all of those aren't complete sentences (actually, one is... extra points if you know which one...)(sad that many won't know which one is, isn't it?), but the point is valid: a glass (or glasses) of Merlot followed by a cup (or cups) of coffee tastes rather awesome.

I've been touting the combination for a while now, and several of my friends react rather, well, poorly. But I assure you, it tastes great! I don't know why. I don't even care. I just know that now that I'm in the process of eliminating alcohol from my diet completely (sort of), Merlot and coffee has become a pretty fun staple of a lonely night.

Yes, I'm lonely. Seduce me, someone!

Er... forget I said that.

By the way, I'm currently imbibing in coffee after having imbibed in 750 ml of Merlot, so if I fail to make much sense, you know the reason!

By the way (again), I'm not really fond of the exclamation point in writing, though I do recognize its usefulness.

Back to the point: if you find yourself enjoying a glass (or glasses) of Merlot, follow it (or them) up with a cup (or cups) of coffee. You will, I assure you, be pleasantly surprised. Even if you think it sounds disgusting (yeah, you know who you are!).

It's great!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't just call this "Merlot and Coffee" (and added "The Drinks"), it's because I realized I want to save the title for a creative writing piece.

Drink up, bastards!


  1. Add a hunk of dark chocolate to that, and you've really got something.

    P.S. "It is" a complete sentence (says she, batting her eyes seductively). ;-)

  2. wow,
    very smart writing...
    best wishes!

  3. For some reason your post today reminds me of a famous Thurber vignette in the New Yorker magazine where a waiter/sommelier is describing a wine to a couple of diners, saying "It's a naive domestic burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption". Your post today does not quite have a full-bodied bouquet, Jeff, but I am amused.

    ...winetasting notes from a hybrid of Robert Parker and Tom Waits ...

  4. nice, may just give that a me some coffee...

  5. Well, you bring coffee to the party and then it's a party.

  6. Merlot is a staple in your "process of eliminating alcohol from my diet completely"??

    This makes the title of your blog reverent relevance to your post. Oooops

  7. A pairing of my two most favorite beverages. Yes, they do compliment each other quite nicely. Add a bit of dark chocolate with the merlot part.

  8. Is it possible you have more than one person in your life who doesn't enjoy this drunken discovery of yours? There just has to be!

    Bottoms up, Jeff! All in a Tinkerbell mug, of course.

  9. ah ha! i'll skip the coffee unless i need to sober up to drive forget it, after 750 mls i wouldn't even be able to lean against a spinning wall.

  10. Yep sounds disgusting. Then I'm not a fan of Merlot, stains your teeth and makes your lips go blue. Can you buy Chardy in 750ml bottles? Now that I'd go for!

  11. Enjoyed the Bouganville story, too.

  12. "Yes, I'm lonely. Seduce me, someone!" ... yes: 555-111-2222 ... please call soon. A great line.

  13. Hate Merlot - Hate coffee even more! LOL

  14. I'm lonelier. I'd blog if I could remember my username and password. Merlot tastes like you should clean the grill with it. Coffee is even more disgusting. I'll bet I would like Merlot ice cream though. Coffee ice cream is gross. It is. Cy agrees with me about the liberal use of semi;colons. :)

  15. Umm! Merlot, chocolate, coffee, sounds perfect to me..