Saturday, May 1, 2010

Irrewind, 20100501: Metaphor II

When I started these Irrewind thingies, I led off with a group of writings I call "metaphoric prose." Sounds obvious, I realize that, but to me "metaphoric prose" just means a poem too lazy to be in a poem format. Thanks to some unexpected motivation last summer, I sort of went on a tear of the things and knocked quite a few of them out. Not my favorite style of writing, but I found them useful when writing other things, and I did enjoy them.

Anyway, here are more:

"The Strange Walk That is Memory Lane"
Nostalgia's a strange thing. Okay, maybe not, but it is a curious thing that so many find reaching into mail boxes on memory lane such an addicting sensation. Most of the time nothing is there but junk mail. Sometimes, however, letters completely forgotten are pulled out and delivered anew. Maybe it's a memory sent, maybe received... Read More

"Beauty; Fear: A Fairy Tale"
Fear in beauty. Beauty in fear. Opposite ends of a compass that only points in one direction. Shy in the face of a beautiful woman is the same as fear in the face of drowning. The more beautiful it is, the better to kill you with. The curious snake bearing poisoned apples, the avalanche of pure white sliding down a mountain, a smiling cat... Read More

"Memoir of a Forgotten Memory"
There's a friend lost somewhere. There always is. Someone or something that brought out childhood laughter, someone or something that was there to hold when the sky fell. A neighborhood crush, maybe a teddy bear. A random snippet of a show on television. A sad movie whose title was never known. Or, perhaps, the perfect angle... Read More

"Sine Nomine"
It's imagined many ways. To the left, to the right, straight ahead with eyes closed and the hope that nothing goes awry. So many thoughts into so few spans of time. A sensation longing to endure, betrayed by a lifetime seemingly unwilling to begin. In the dark, a mirror or a photograph, perhaps real or just of the mind's eye... Read More

"The Whale and the Albatross"
It's empty out here, but there's air to breathe closer to the surface. Silence is relative, the gentle breeze and the crest of wave so familiar they make no noticeable sound. Cloud and island are all that break the landscape of blue deserts. A setting sun and its reflection point the way home and to a much needed rest. Tomorrow, sunrise will... Read More


  1. I like the last three, especially The Whale and the Albatross. But I found the first two a bit like some gourmet dishes. They were too rich for me: too metaphorical for my simpler tastes, and seasoned with more imagery than my unsophisticated palate could appreciate.

  2. If I remember correctly, I loved "Beauty; Fear: A Fairy Tale" when I read it. I think some of these are new to me. So, off to read. I enjoy your metaphoric prose.

  3. i really liked Beauty; fear...strange, contradictory, true,!

  4. I agree that the style's a bit full on makes it hard to understand what's going on first read but it's effective. Hm Memory Lane eh? Can't remember where it is although I wish some of my memories were unknown. And truth remembered is always subjective. I'm not sure I understood the second one but I liked the metaphor in it. "Wearing shoes made of glass will cut your feet eventually" Ha! Story of my life.

  5. Memories unknown--hmm--good point there. Althogh rather a nostaligic guy myself I wish I wasn't--too much pain there. Shoot, I don;t even put pictures up anymore.


    Thank you for being a friend!
    Take care.