Tuesday, March 30, 2010


*This was supposed to be an entry in Magpie Tales a couple of weeks back (the image of the hand), but I wasn't in the mindset to "get it right." I was trying to be competently funny. As a result, it's languished in limbo for a while. I still haven't worked on it, but given my travels, I'm posting it anyway in order to make my writing life a bit easier. So there.

Dear Sir,
We aren't friends.
You don't understand
proper means to ends.
Not what I meant...
to lend me your ear;
something on my mind
I wanted you to hear.
You are far too insane,
craziest of man.
Thank goodness
you didn't lend a hand.

My dearest Vincent,
please work on your verbal comprehension.
And don't give body parts to prostitutes
in vain attempts to alleviate tension.

-Paul Gauguin


  1. Hilarious! Yes about the hand and body parts... Too funny :)!

  2. Funny enough to get beyond your misunderstanding of one of my heroes for all time.

  3. I am never sure whether old VVG was supposed to have cut off his own ear or whether PG did it for him. If the latter (the view supported by recent research I believe) it changes the context of your poem dramatically from one taken from a perspective of fraternal camaraderie to one of murderous antagonism. You do write some deep stuff.

  4. "I wish they would only take me as I am. "

    Happy Birthday, VVG.

  5. doesn't really flow as a rhyme, but otherwise a real hoot! I've been missing more than hitting the magpie scene...

  6. "And don't give body parts to prostitutes...Paul Gauguin" hilarious!

  7. Poor Vincent crazy as a coconut and syphallis to boot! I only just found out about the supposition that Gaugin maybe had a 'hand' in slicing poor Vincent's ear lobe. The biggest mystery, why on earth give it to a prostitute?