Monday, March 22, 2010

State of the Irre(x2) Address

So, a few of you might have noticed that I didn't adhere to my posting schedule last week. Fewer of you might have even wondered why. Well, it's simple, I'm in transition from one side of the country to the other. While I'm undoubtedly continuing to develop stories and such in my head, moving around isn't really conducive to the actual typing of said stories... which means you're stuck with rants for the time being.

That stated, I'd just like to point out some things that have changed around here.

1. I've found out a way to implement a MySpace mirror again. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it does provide a way for people to find me via my preferred social networking site.

2. The Navbar located at the top of the page has been updated (and is still being updated) with bona fide "Tables of Contents" of the various subjects that I post. There will be more to come, but I invited you to check it out and let me know what you think.

3. The Genwi mirror is still down. This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the notion that Genwi is undergoing an upgrade. Personally, I think the service went under, but I will keep the mirror link up until that becomes official.

4. There has been a concern that this blog takes some time to load on some PCs, browsers, and Internet connections. I've fixed what I can, so the rest is up to you if you still have problems. One thing you can try is to open a "Snapshot" window (found on most of the links here), click the settings menu, and turn off Snapshots for this site. That might help.

And that's all I got. Pathetic of me, I know.


  1. yack yack yack so write why the move?

  2. Like I've said before, I am a great fan of your multi-dimensional blog : a veritable network of networks.

  3. at first i thought that snapshot thing was way cool, then it started to irritate me. Glad you told me how to shut it up.

    Looking forward to getting both you and Amy back...lotsa movin goin on

  4. Hope the moving around is going well, and I hope you find what you want at your destination...I had a dork moment and accidentally erased your latest email...

    You asked what kind of writing I want back into...nonfiction that will pay something so I can experiment with other things...

  5. My move was much simpler than yours, but not nearly as enjoyable. Of that I am sure!